And Forget About The Stupid Little Things- 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic

Bella and Luke broke up years ago. Then one day Luke brings his bandmates, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford to an icecream palor. Luke hopes he will see her there or at the park across the street. But what happens when they get there and Luke sees what he sees?


3. Catching Up #2

     "Thanks." I said awkwardly. "Have a boyfriend?" I asked hopeful.

     She looked more uncomfortable than when I walked in. "Uh... No." She said. There was something about the way she answered made me feel weird. "I've seen you with other girls though. How's that going?" She asked trying to cover up the hurt but failing.

     "The are just rumors. I haven't felt the same way about anybody other than you yet." I said and she looked up.

     "Really? You liked this ugly screwed up mess and you don't like all those other people out there?" She said questionly.

     "You're beautiful and not screwed up." I said ready to convince her.

     We both were silent. I watched her but she looked down. She took a deep breath. "I've changed since you were gone Luke." She said shakily.

     I walked to her and gently lifted her chin with my thumb. The things I would do to call here mine again, I thought to myself. "How?"

     "Just everything. I lost all my interests and now all I do is just stay in my room. I don't like crowds of people every night or anywhere. Just everything has changed." She said. This hurt me so much to hear.

      "Why did all this happen?" I asked her scared of the answer.

     "You." My heart sank. i held her close and she cried trying to hold back her tears. "I missed you so much." She told me.

    "Dont ever believe I didnt miss you for a second. It was the hardest thing I've ever done." I told her honestly

     "Part of loving somebody is letting them go. If they one back is met to be if ty don't it was never yours to keep." She whispered to herself.

     "Well I came here for you tonight." I said in her ear.

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