And Forget About The Stupid Little Things- 5 Seconds of Summer fanfic

Bella and Luke broke up years ago. Then one day Luke brings his bandmates, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford to an icecream palor. Luke hopes he will see her there or at the park across the street. But what happens when they get there and Luke sees what he sees?


5. #5

Police sirens were outside our house still but me and Bella went to the hospital. We were currently sitting in the waiting room. The lads were in surgery. Police believe that somebody broke into the house and tried to kill them. Calum was shoot a few times, Ashton was stabbed and Michael was beat up really bad. 

Bella was trying to calm me down. After a while it started working. I never should of broke up with her. Even after I did all of the to her, she is acting as if I never hurt her and s helping me right now. She has such a kind heart. 

"Hello, you are Luke Hemmings, correct?" A doctor middle aged asked.

I looked up with red puffy eyes. "Yes sir." I answered.

"Hi, I'm David Stall. I'm taking care of your bandmates." He said. "Would you please come talk to me in my office?" He asked.

"Sure." I said. I grabbed Bella's hand, "do you want to go?" I asked.

"Why not?" She smiled and got up. She locked her fingers with mine and started rubbing circles on my hand. 

We walked down the halls and finally was in David's office. He closed the door. "Please sit down." He said. We did as commanded. "So, I always start out with the best news and go to the worst." He claimed.

"Okay." I said, Bella noticed my voice crack and looked up at me.

"So, Michael, he is going to be fine. If he keeps up the progress he could be out of the hospital in a week from today." He said.

My heart jumped out of my chest. Mikey is going to make it. Bella looked up at me again and smiled but it didn't reach her eyes all the way. 

"Ashton, he has a very high chance of getting out soon. There would have to be something would really have to be messed up for him not to br okay or get out possibly with Michael or a few days after. The cuts were really deep, so of course there will always be scars. There may be some nerve damage but we don't know yet." He let that sink it for a few seconds.

"Awesome, what about Calum?" I asked.

"I'm sorry to say that Calum has very low chances of living." The doctor said.


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