So Give Me A Chance Cuz You're All I Need

Jessica and Justin have known each other since 1st grade. Ever since then what happens when Justin wants to be more than friends with her and Jessica doesn't? Then Justin goes on tour? Read this story to know.


2. Surprises

     Somebody knocked on my door waking me up. "Come in." I said half asleep.

     "Hi sweetheart. Justin is here to see you. He's downstairs, want to see him?" My mom asked knowing the awer already. I violently shook my head yes. "Alright." She said and my mom told him yes. I quickly brushed my hair.

     Justin then knocked on my door. "Come in!" I told him.

     "Hey beautiful," Justin said while opening the door and sat best friend to we all of them was at the way it is the way I get to be in a few tears in the way it to be in a few to me on my huge bed. "how are you.      

     "Could be better." I said sitting up.

     "Your mom said you were sad but didn't tell me why. Do you remind telling me?" He asked.

     "Yeah uh, Ethan he uh broke up with me." I told him.

     "Is he an idiot!?" Justin shouted. "Did he tell you why?" He asked.

     "He says long distance doesn't work out for him." I said clearly.

     "Well, you deserve better. Somebody who will try it for you. You're amazing and deserve the best."

     "Thanks Justin." I said, happy he came, happier I didn't cry.

     "How about we got out to see a movie and eat or something? Ya know, to take your mind off of things for a while."

     "Alright, just let me change." I got up and so did he. I changed from my black leggings, tanktop, sweatshirt and hat to blue distressed faded jeans, a white v-neck shirt with a purple and yellow hoodie and my white combat boots. I then put on my mating beanie. I came out the door and Justin was waiting for me. 

     "Ready to go?" He asked.

     "As long as you are." I said back.

     "Well you look beautiful and yup. Let's go!" He grabbed my hand.

     "Bye mum, me and Justin are going out." I shouted. "Love you."

     "Love you too. Have fun." My mum shouted back. Then we left.

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