So Give Me A Chance Cuz You're All I Need

Jessica and Justin have known each other since 1st grade. Ever since then what happens when Justin wants to be more than friends with her and Jessica doesn't? Then Justin goes on tour? Read this story to know.


1. Heartbreaker

     "I-I please don't do this." I said crying into my boyfriends, Ethan's, arms.

     "You know I don't want to. Long distance doesn't work though with me. You know I will miss you more than anything. You're beautiful, funny, cool, fun to be with. You are one of a kind. You know I will always love you." He kissed my cheek that had a few tears. "Thank you for be in part of my life. I promise I will text and call you." He looked at his watch. "I have to go. I already miss you." He said not letting go yet. "I love you." He said tears quickly rolling down his cheek.

     "I love you too." I said quietly. "You're absolutely amazing and I will miss you so much. I will let you go." I released him. He gave me a sad smile and walked away. I just watched my boyfriend, now ex-bpyfriend leave me. He stole my heart when I first saw him and now he is moving to Europe with it. I watched him until he turned the corner. I went inside my house not talking to anybody, just crying. I went up into my room. I put on the sweatshirt and he gave me. I grabbed the iPod he gave me with the earbuds and crawled into bed to cuddle with my huge Teddy bear he won me on our first official date. I turned on our songs and after an hour I fell asleep.

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