Anna and Etienne

What I think should have happened when Anna first told Etienne she loved him. *DISCLAIMER: I do not own this book or its characters. They rightfully belong to Stephanie Perkins.*


1. What Should Have Happened

*Author: What should have happened when Anna first confessed to Etienne!*

Anna tells Etienne:

I get out of bed and then make it, taking time to be sure every wrinkle is perfectly smoothed out. I dress myself quickly and then head down to the cafeteria to meet Etienne for breakfast. When I get there I grab a tray and order my breakfast to the best of my ability, which considering, is not very well, but I manage. I walk over to our usual table to see that, to my surprise, he was already there. The thought only passed through my mind briefly before I saw his face. He looked absolutely wretched. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?! What happened?!" I exclaimed worriedly.

"Ellie dumped me." he replied, full of grief and defeat.

"That is absolutely horrible. Why would she do that?" I said sympathetic.

"I don't really know, she did it over the phone. All she said was that she had "found someone else," and "hoped that I would do the same," but I don't know anyone else it could be with except…" he trailed off his face going from grief to beat red.

"I know that this is sudden and soon after your breakup with Ellie, but I can't hold it back any longer. I'm IN LOVE WITH YOU, Etienne." I exclaimed with all the passion I could muster. He looked shocked to say the least.

"Ummm...Anna…" was all that came out of his mouth.

All the hope for what could be fell immediately from my mind and face. I knew I had messed up our friendship, but I couldn't think about anything other that the grief that felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. Tears streamed down my face of their own accord. "Oh…" was all I could muster.

"Wait Anna, I wasn't rejecting you, you just took me by surprise.…(gulp) love you too Anna!" stuttering over the words with his nervousness. " I've been in love with you this whole bleeding year. Anna, I wanted to be your partner the very first day! I didn't lean over to borrow a pencil from you by accident when the teacher was assigning our lab-partners on the first day."

I'm speechless, there is no way that he is really mine, that he is really saying these things to me me right now. It's impossible…my thoughts are interrupted by him suddenly jumping from his seat and running over and smashing his lips against mine. I kiss him back with all I have in me. We fit and move perfectly together. We both pull back with a gasp, passion swirling in our eyes.

"I love you." I gasp.

"I love you too." he says back in a breathy voice.

Author: I apologize for the short story, but I felt that that moment needed a twist! Thank you.

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