Two Destinies

A young, teenage girl, named Grace discovers a fate she never thought possible. She discovers that she has been lied to her entire life. When she finds out the truth, she is told that they have to move away and leave her best friends behind. She is on the brink of going crazy when she finds the person she has unknowingly been looking for her entire life. Can he save her?


2. New Home

                                                                                 Chapter 2: New Home

Mary's (Mom) P.O.V.:

My husband must have heard my chaotic thoughts right before I blocked him from my mind because as soon as I finished explaining to our daughter what she truly was he rushed through the front door and asked me the question I had been waiting for, "You told her didn't you Mary?"

Instead of answering I unblocked my mind from him so he can see why I told her without him there and to ease the pained expression on his face.

"Grace...we are really sorry that we didn't...couldn't tell you before now its just.." Grace cut her dad off angrily.

Grace's POV:

"Don't make any more excuses, either of you." I interjected, even surprising myself. "I don't what to hear it. You both lied to me, and that is going to take a long time to forgive. May I at least call both of my friends and tell them I am leaving and will never see them again." I said harshly.

My mother nodded and then added guiltily, "as long as you don't tell them the truth and as to why you are leaving." After that I stormed off to my room to sulk and call my friends.

1 hour later

" need you to finish packing if we are going to be able to leave by tomorrow." My mother said with a mix of worry and guilt in her voice. The conversation with my friends did not go over well, to say the least. It was a mix of questioning, anger worry, and sadness with both conversations between each of my two friends. I was in tears by the end of both conversations and had to hang up. I cried myself to sleep as soon as I finished packing.

I was in a dream. From what I could gather it was on Cape Charles Beach, my favorite place in the world when vacationing in Virginia. I saw movement in my peripheral vision and jerked around to see a wolf gazing at me from within the brush. The odd thing was, I wasn't afraid of the wolf before me, I was strangely comforted by its presence. I slowly approached the wolf, warily reaching my hand out to pet its head. I asked without thinking,"Are you OK?" It only took me a second to realize that I hadn't said it aloud, but the wolf nodded, as if he was afraid that he couldn't form words himselfWait, how did I know it was a he? Wait, wolves can't talk either, so why am I thinking that this one can?

I jolted upright as the memories of what happened yesterday broke my reverie. I was once again hit with the devastation that, if continued, would most definitely deem me insane. I grabbed my phone to check the time, it was only 4am, which meant I still had half an hour before my parents came to wake me. I sighed and my thoughts drifted back to the dream I had. The feeling of security I felt with the wolf was like nothing I have ever felt before.

It felt as though no time had passed at all when my mom came to wake me. I felt like a zombie as I dressed myself and helped my parents empty the rest of our belongings into the moving van my parents rented the night before. It took a lot of angry yelling and guilt trips to get my parents to let me drive myself to Virginia. I loved Virginia, but I loved what I was going to have to give up here more. I needed my car and it also gave me a way to avoid the pestering and fuss they were going to make if i rode with them, plus I was still beyond angry with them both for lying to me and making me move from my only home.

I then climbed into my car, pulled out my phone, and typed my dreaded new home address into my GPS. I started my car just as my parents were pulling out of the driveway, following them was the plan, but, I put a different rout in my GPS on purpose so I could avoid them at the rest stops and any other time they might try and pester me.

About a half an hour into the drive, my parents must have noticed that I wasn't following them because my phone started to ring. Instead of answering it, I pressed ignore and sent her a text saying, 'took a different rout. See you there.' With a smiling emoji just in spite. Part of me says I am being unreasonable and the other part of me wants to give into anger, fit in the storm, but instead of either I chose the in between. To be sarcastic, spiteful, understanding, and undeniably, sad.

After hours of driving, I approached my new home. A strange since of deja vu hits me. I feel like I have been here before, no, I know I have. I slowly head up to the house, my luggage temporarily forgotten back at the car. My parents already gave me the key before we left, so I dug them out of my pocket. Just as I was reaching to unlock the door, my parents pulled into the driveway, uggg... I really didn't want to deal with them just yet.

"Grace, what were you thinking, you were supposed to follow us! What if you would have gotten lost?!" her mom exclaimed, her voice coated in worry.

"Why would you care anyway, or are you done lying now?" It was a low blow on my behalf, I know, but what they did hurts more than they can understand.

Ignoring the hurt look on my mothers face, I stormed off the front porch to my car to grab my luggage I had left in the trunk. My other things are in the moving van, but I don't feel like dealing with them, so I head up the stairs that lead to my new bedroom, luggage in hand.

Hello again everyone! I hope you like this chapter! I will probably be a while in my updating, and I am sorry for that. Thank you for reading!

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