Luke's Girl

Lacy is an 18 year old girl. Like many others, she gets bullied. One day, she meets a boy named Luke. He help her deal with the bullies, and makes her feel welcome. Lacy makes a mistake though. She falls in love with him.

Warning-mature content


9. What The Hell?

*Lacy's POV*

Silence. The driver did not speak again, but I knew it was Luke. I rested my head on the seat, wondering where we were going. Suddenly, the car stopped and turned off. I heard the front door open and close, then there was nothing. No footsteps, no voices, just eery silence.

The silence stretched on for what felt like hours, and was abruptly ended when the car door opened. Sounds and smells poured into the space, but I couldn't decipher anything. I was roughly yanked out of the car and picked up bridal style, rough hands grazing against my skin.

My arms were secured behind my back, pressing into my spine as I was carried inside. I shifted in the man's arms, my face bumping into their firm chest. I breathed through my nose, immediately recognizing Luke's cologne. "Maybe he came to rescue me," I thought "Maybe he's not the one who kidnapped me... Yeah. That's why he's carrying me. He's carrying me back to mum and Ash. He's taking me home... I hope."

I relaxed slightly, my face still lightly pressed against Luke's chest. The smell of his cologne began to calm me, slowly lulling me into a peaceful sleep.

~Luke's POV~

I glanced down at the small girl in my arms, smiling slightly. She fell asleep while I was carrying her inside. I gently sat her down on the couch, quickly locking the front door again.

I strolled back to the couch, gently sitting down beside Lacy. I slowly untied the restraints around her wrists, careful not to wake her up. I set them aside, lightly untying the blindfold from around her head. I smiled, seeing her small lips curl up into a slight smile. I lightly played with her hair, chuckling as she moved closer in her sleep.

Her eyes started to flutter open and I almost panicked. "What if she resents me for doing this?" I thought. "What if she hates me..?"

Her eyes opened and she yawned. I smiled softly at her, biting my lip nervously. She sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes. I watched her eyes fill with confusion as she looked around, then she locked eyes with me. I smiled, speaking softly.

"Hey princess. How'd you sleep?" I bit my lip, hoping she wouldn't be angry.

"I- where are we, Luke..?" She looked at me expectantly, chewing on her lip.

"Well.. We're at my parents cottage..." I winced, expecting her to be upset.

"Oh... Where's Ashy?" She asked, looking around for her brother.

"He's not here Lacy.." I gulped.

"Okay... Why'd you bring me here..?" She questioned, tilting her head to the side.

"I brought you because I wanted to keep you safe... And I uh I need to tell you something." I sighed, looking at her.

"What is it?"

"I think I'm falling for you"

*Lacy's POV*

I think I am too" I bit my lip, blushing

"Oh really?" Luke smirked, biting his lip ring. Ugh. Why does he do this? It's killing me.

I nodded sheepishly, my cheeks turning bright red. He smirked again, walking toward me. He lightly grabbed my hand, moving it away from my face. I bit my lip, looking at him.

He slowly leaned in, connecting his lips to mine. After a second or two of shock, I kissed back, out lips moving perfectly together. He rested his large hands on my waist, pulling me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss, smirking.

What the hell am I getting myself into?


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