Luke's Girl

Lacy is an 18 year old girl. Like many others, she gets bullied. One day, she meets a boy named Luke. He help her deal with the bullies, and makes her feel welcome. Lacy makes a mistake though. She falls in love with him.

Warning-mature content


5. Falling

~Luke's POV~

During detention, I noticed that Lacy kept glancing at me while reading her book. She's a strange girl. One minute, she's angry at me; the next minute she's sweet and kind. It doesn't make sense. She does look kind of familiar, though. I can't figure out why.

I walked out of the room at 4:30, texting Ashton to come pick me up. I looked at his name in my contacts and almost dropped my phone.

Ashton Irwin. Lacy is my best friend's twin sister.

*Lacy's POV*

I walked out of the school, looking around for my brothers truck. He was parked on the far side of the pickup zone. I groaned internally, beginning the long walk to his parked truck. As I got closer, I noticed that there was someone in the passenger seat. My face immediately dropped when I saw the mystery person's face. It was Luke. I noticed that he was yelling at my brother, and then he locked eyes with me. A smirk grew on his face and he stopped yelling.

I pulled the back door of the truck open and climbed in, wondering why Luke was here.

"Hey Ashy. What's he doing here..?" I questioned in a soft voice, my eyes wide and innocent looking. Luke scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"He needed a ride home, so I told him I'd take him." He said, obviously annoyed that I said his nickname around his friends. "That's not a problem, is it Lace?" He laughed cause using the nickname he knows I hate.

"Nope. No problem at all," I said, buckling my seatbelt. While we were driving, Luke and Ash were talking and Luke kept glancing back at me while smirking. I shifted uncomfortably, not liking the attention he was giving me.

We pulled up to his house and both of the boys got out. I groaned and rolled down the window.

"Ashy, what are you doing?" I whined.

"We're gonna stay and hang out with Luke for a while." He rolled his eyes, turning and walking up the path to the house. "Come on, Lace."

I groaned, opening the door and hopping out of the truck. I reluctantly walked inside, fidgeting with my sleeves. I quietly shut the door, walking toward Luke and Ashton. I paused when they stopped and began whispering to each other. I got as close as I could without being seen. I could hear their hushed voices.

"I don't mean to intrude, Ash, but did you know that your sister uh.. Well... She cuts..." Luke whispered, stuttering slightly.

Ashton's face immediately went deathly pale and his eyes started watering.

"W-what..? T-that's not possible... Lacy is one of the happiest people I know... Why would she.. Why would she do that...?" He stuttered, on the verge of tears.

"I.. I don't know, Ash. I'm sorry.." Luke spoke softly, his head low.

I heard them start walking again, so I quickly turned the corner and went into the living room, sitting down and quickly opening my book. Luke sat next to me, not saying anything. Ashton hadn't come back in yet, which was kind of confusing.

A few minutes later, I heard a door shut. I rushed over to the window in time to see Ashton's truck back out the driveway. I turned to face Luke, becoming angry.

"This is all your fault. You just had to open your big mouth and tell him about my cuts. You're such an asshole!" I yelled, walking toward him and hitting his chest.

Luke stood up, grabbing my wrists and shoving me against the wall. He pinned my arms to the wall, smirking.

"Don't yell at me, Lacy. I'll make you regret that." He snarled, moving his hands to my forearms. He slowly began digging his nails into my cuts. I yelped, trying to pull my arms away. He dug his nails in deeper, smirking.

"L-Luke... Please let go.. Y-you're hurting me.." I whimper. He dug his nails in even more, causing my cuts to bleed even more. Blood started dropping down my arms, coating his fingertips. I whimpered, looking at him.

Luke's eyes were dark and cruel. Tears streamed down my cheeks, quiet sobs escaping my lips. Luke looked at me, his eyes becoming lighter and softer. He let go of me, looking down at his hands, horrified of what he'd done.

"I-I'm so sorry Lacy..." he trailed off, obviously ashamed of himself.

I pulled my arms to myself, trying to ignore the stinging pain.

"No you're not." I turned, walking out of the house and beginning to walk home. Tears flowed down my cheeks on the walk home. I was falling in love with a monster, and I couldn't stop myself.


Hey guys! Hope you liked the update!

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