Luke's Girl

Lacy is an 18 year old girl. Like many others, she gets bullied. One day, she meets a boy named Luke. He help her deal with the bullies, and makes her feel welcome. Lacy makes a mistake though. She falls in love with him.

Warning-mature content


11. Ashton?

*Lacy's POV*

My stomach flipped when he said those words. Ashton's in the hospital... Oh my god. I looked at Luke, becoming angry with him. He did this. He's the one who hurt Ash.

"This is all your fault." I growled "if you hadn't been such an ass to him, he'd be okay." I shook my head, frowning. "And if you hadn't fucking kidnapped me, I would be by his side right now." I got up, snatching my phone and jacket, stalking toward the door.

"Lacy, please come back. We can work this-" Luke's desperate voice was cut off when I slammed the door behind me. I opened my phone, clicking on my mum's contact and pressing call. She answered after a few rings.

"Lacy?" Her voice sounded strained, almost like she'd been crying.

"Hey mum. Can you come get me or send someone to get me?" I pleaded, biting my lip.

"Can't you friend Jacob drive you?" She asked

"Jacob? I don't know anyone named Jacob mum..." I trailed off, confused.

"When your friend answered the friend earlier he said his name was Jacob"she said and I gritted my teeth. That lying bastard.

"He lied. His name's not Jacob, It's Luke." I sighed

"Luke? The one who did this to your brother!? Why the hell are you with him!" She exclaimed, anger showing through her words.

"I didn't go voluntarily, mum. He kind of... well uh... He kind of kidnapped me..." I trailed off, wincing when she started yelling.

"IM GOING TO SKIN THAT LYING BASTARD ALIVE!" She screamed, quickly quieting down when a nurse said something in the background. "I'm sending your father to come get you. What's the address?"

"24601 Rue Plumet" I said, looking at the mailbox.

"Okay. Love you sweetheart"

Love you too, mum. See you soon." I hung up, sighing and sitting down.

-Ten Minutes Later-

My dad pulled up beside me and I quickly got in, shutting the door to his large black pickup. He looked at me, concern and anger filling his eyes. He turned back to the road, making a U-turn and driving toward the hospital.

The whole ride was filled with awkward silence, my dads hands tightly gripping the wheel. I sighed when we pulled into the hospital's parking garage.

I rushed through the hospital and up to Ash's room, almost breaking down when I saw him. He looked awful. His face was bruised and swollen, his nose was set with a small cast and there were many IVs stuck into his arms and he was hooked up to many machines. I slowly walked over to him, lightly grabbing his hand and sitting on a stool next to the bed. I held his hand between mine, tears running down my face.

"I'm so sorry Ashy.." I whispered, my voice cracking. "I'm so, so sorry.."

My mum rested her hand on my back, lightly rubbing it in a comforting way. I sighed, looking at Ashton's bruised face.

"What did the doctors say, mum?" I looked up at her, not letting go of his hand.

"Well... They haven't said much, but they've said that he's in pretty rough shape. Luke broke two of his ribs and caused a lot of internal bleeding. They just stopped the bleeding about an hour ago. He should be waking up pretty soon." She explained, looking concerned.

I nodded slowly, looking at my injured brother again. How could I have let this happen? Luke is a monster and I will never trust him... I'm going to call things off between us. I have to. For Ash's sake, it needs to stop.

I leaned forward, softly kissing his forehead. When I sat back down, I saw his eyes slowly flutter open. I grinned, feeling his hand grip mine. He looked at me, smiling weakly, his voice hoarse.

"Hi Lacy"

"Hey Ashy" I smiled, my voice cracking. I felt tears rolling down my face. "I'm so sorry this happened to you.." Ashton frowned at my words.

"Please don't cry Lace. None of this is your fault.." He trailed off, breaking into a coughing fit. "It's Luke who should be sorry. He's the one who did this to me." He scowled, his voice still quiet.

I slowly nodded, looking at the window. After a few minutes, I was snapped back into reality by a fast beeping sound. Ashton's heart monitor showed that his heart rate had increased dramatically. His face was contorted in pain and he was gasping for air. I started panicking, wondering what was happening.

"Ashton?" I squeezed his hand, quickly hitting the panic button on the wall.

Nurses came running in, pushing me and my parents out of the room. Before we left the room, I saw Ash's body start convulsing and I gasped, starting to cry when the nurses shut the door.

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