Close as Strangers

Emily Hood is depressed and she thinks that there is no hope in living any more. Calum's girlfriend, Julie, hates Emily and Lucy, Michael's 10 year old sister. Emily thinks about killing herself herself every day, that is, until she meets someone special.


2. Luke's P.O.V

Beautiful. That's the only word that I can think of to describe her. She has big blue eyes and black hair. I have blonde hair but I love her hair. She's Calum's little sister though, so I know that that's never going to happen. I can only hope though. She walked into the rehearsal studio, and I about dropped my guitar. She's most likely going to think of me as a big brother. Which I'm used to girl's thinking of me like that though. I'm to shy to talk to them anyhow, so I can't really do anything about it. I think I'm in love with her though.

My little sister Emma, saw me staring at her, which I didn't know that I was doing until she said anything, and she came over and said "Stop staring. You're going to scare her." I jumped out of shock and asked "Do you think she noticed?" Panicked as I was, I was pretty sure that I drew attention to myself. As long as it was Emily who noticed me, I didn't really care.

"Alright. We have a gig in about a week or so, so that means that we need to practice. Michael, get your tongue out of her throat. Ashton, get into position. Luke quite staring at Emily."

Ok. So I didn't know that her name was Emily. The only thing that I really knew about her was that she was Calum's little sister and her parents don't care what she does.

"Yep. Sorry. Got it. I guess that we should get started. But what about Michael."

"MICHAEL!" Ashton yelled. Ashton's like, the only responsible one in the band. He's the oldest so I guess that makes sense. I'm the youngest but I think I would be the second most responsible, which doesn't make ANY sense. Calum and Michael are the same age and they were both born in 1995 where as Ash was born in 1994 and I was born 1996.

"What the hell do you guys want? Can't you see that I'm busy?" he yelled.

"Doing what? Choking your girlfriend?" Calum replied sacastically

Michael has at least 2 girlfriends. He's the player of the group. Ashton is the loyal one. Calum's the cuddly one and I'm just the shy one. Calum will do anything for cuddles. He even cuddled with the whole band before. Too bad he doesn't have a girlfriend that wants to cuddle with him. I bet that he's super happy dating the popular girl that he's wanted to go out with for years. Although, I would be super happy dating his little sister, but I highly doubt that. I don't even think that she likes me like that. I think that she likes me only as a brother.

After practice, Emily came up to me and said "Why were you staring at me this afternoon? It was really weird." she had said it making a face. I thought that it was a really cute face, but I definitely couldn't tell her that. That would freak her out even more. I also couldn't tell her that I liked her. She probably wouldn't want to even be near me then.

"Umm...I can't tell you that. I wish that I could get it off of my chest, but I can't tell you."

"Come on. I can take it. If I can take Julie bullying me, then I sure as hell can take whatever you need to get off your chest. Just tell me. Please."

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