Close as Strangers

Emily Hood is depressed and she thinks that there is no hope in living any more. Calum's girlfriend, Julie, hates Emily and Lucy, Michael's 10 year old sister. Emily thinks about killing herself herself every day, that is, until she meets someone special.


3. Emily's P.O.V

I kept asking him all these questions like a crazy person. He probably thought that's what I was too. Too bad he won't ever like me like that. I really like him. He's so nice and sweet. I've never talked to him before now, but the way Calum talks about him makes me think of him as a guy who would never cheat or do anything of that sort.

I wouldn't EVER be able to tell him that I liked him. Why? Because that would be awkward between Calum and Luke of something ever happened between us. Because if Luke did something to piss me off or I did something to piss him off and we broke up, well, I think we all know what would happen if Luke broke Calum's little sisters heart. That would not be pretty.

I kept bugging Luke to tell me why he kept staring at me when me and Calum walked in. He wouldn't tell me so I just kept bugging him until we got close to Calum's car. Michael must have heard me bugging him cause he said- no, more like yelled "Luke just tell her whatever the hell she wants to know. It's getting REALLY fucking annoying!"

Great. Just fantastic. Michael thought that I was annoying just like everyone else in this hell-hole people call the universe. I can't stand being annoying. It makes me feel bad.

After Michael had yelled I got really quiet and Calum must not've heard me talking anymore because he turned around and yelled at Michael to shut the hell up. After Calum turned back around, I could hear Calum and Julie arguing. Great. More people arguing because of me.

After my mom died 2 years ago from cancer, my dad has become really abusive towards me. Not Calum. Just me. My dad knew Calum only as 'momma's little boy' and wouldn't touch a hair on his head. Me. Oh, he couldn't care less about me. Everyone at school has no idea what goes on at home.

My dad always comes home drunk and it's never when Cal's around and he always abuses me. I can't escape the pain. At first when he started doing it. I hurt all over. I had to tell Calum that I was just over-working myself at the gym. But now...I have no pain at all. That's how used to it I am.

Ever since this morning when I showed Calum my cuts and scars, he wouldn't stop looking at me. The whole time during practice. I knew he was worried, but he didn't have to be stalker-worried. Calum thought that he had taken all my blades away. But little did he know, I still had one in my box that I got from mom at home. I had to keep at least one for when my dad really got under my skin.

My dad always calls me a bitch and a slut. Those words don't hurt me. It's when he says dumb crap like 'You where always a whore. Weren't you. You slept with all of you moms friends. Didn't you?' I know that if my dad was sober at least once in his life, he would realize that I'm not just a 'slut' or 'bitch' that I'm a living breathing human being just like his son.

I felt hands on my shoulders and that's when I snapped back into reality. When I looked up to see whose hands they were I saw that it was Luke. The boy I've had a crush on since hemmo1996. Who knew that one day my big brother would be best friends with him. ''Emily?''


''You okay?''

I looked down to see the car right in front of me. How did we get here so fast? I looked behind me to see how far away from the studio we were. The whole length. We were just at the door. I don't understand.

''You almost ran into Cal's car. Are you okay?'' He repeated.

I nodded my head but it was weird cause I felt like I was gonna pass out. Nothing happened. How could this be. Dad surprisingly hasn't been abusing me in the past 24 hours. So I don't understand why I would feel this way. I didn't take anything trying to overdose before we left. At least that I remember.

I don't think he believed me cause I saw him walk around to get Calum. I felt like I was falling. I think Ashton saw me. But how? This all felt like a dream. I'm pretty sure Ashton saw me because he came rushing over to me calling for Calum

The last thing I saw was hazel brown eyes and bright baby blue ones. Ashton and Luke of course and the last thing I heard was a ringing noise in my ear and snickering. Julie was the one snickering. I bet she'd be glad if I were gone.

''Em. Stay with me. Pretty please.''

I knew the voice crack anywhere.

It was Calum.

He was crying.

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