Close as Strangers

Emily Hood is depressed and she thinks that there is no hope in living any more. Calum's girlfriend, Julie, hates Emily and Lucy, Michael's 10 year old sister. Emily thinks about killing herself herself every day, that is, until she meets someone special.


4. Ashton's P.O.V

She went down like a rock in a pool. It scared me because I've never seen anything like that happen before. Also because I could see physically that she was getting abused at home. So I don't know what happened to her.

Calum looked more worried than me. Which I could understand because I'm pretty sure that he knows what's going on at home. Calum started to cry which never happens, so that's when I knew something was really wrong.

"Get her in the car. We'll take her to the hospital. Be quick about it though." I said looking at the guys.

Michael was with his girlfriend and his girlfriend was on the phone. I would guess with the police. I was holding the back door open and Calum wasn't moving. He was just sitting on the ground holding Emily's upper half up. Luke walked over to Calum and grabbed Emily.

Cal grabbed her hand but Luke was stronger. He laid her in the back seat and went around to the other side. He opened the door, lifted Em's head and slid under it. He was gonna make a good boyfriend to her one day.

"Cal. Get in the car. We're gonna take her to the E.R." I said snapping him back into reality.

Calum got off the ground and looked at Michael.

"This is all your fault Mike. This wouldn't have happened if you would have just kept your trap SHUT!" He yelled.

Calum got in the car and I could see tears slipping down his cheeks. This was wrecking him. You could see it without having to ask him.

A couple minutes later we got to the hospital and Calum told me to carry her but Luke was already walking towards the entrance. I'm pretty sure that Mikey's girlfriend got a ride home from my girlfriend because she didn't want to go with us.

Calum kept giving Michael dirty looks until he went up to see if Emily was ok. That's when Cal totally flipped out and lost it.

"You get the hell away from my little sister. YOUR the one who did this to her. YOU don't get to see if she's ok or not." He said

"If you wouldn't have yelled like that. We wouldn't be here right now. Now would we?!" I told Luke to go inside with her and I would handle stuff outside.

"Calum quit. He's just trying to see if she's ok. Do you even know what goes on at your own house?" I started out calm but then I totally flipped. Kinda like Cal, but not quite as bad.

He gave me a sad puppy dog look and said "No. I mean I've seen a couple bruises on her arm and I've asked her quite a few times and all she said was that she ran into a pole. I always thought that was true. Was I wrong. Is that why we're here?" He was way too confused to be explaining now.

"Just let Emily tell you. Don't get mad a Mikey, Luke or me until you know the story. K?" I was calm by then. "Let's just go inside and she what's going on. Alright?" He nodded

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