Love my Fmily

So now this about LJ and Jeff with the kids and when the kids point of view as well.So now they are ghappy with there family but wht will happen to the kids when they grown up.


2. Chapter Two

LJ Pov.

Well I bring my kids to my old home where I grew up.I put Jeff jr and Roselina down.I watch as they walk then bump into each other.I giggled reminding me and jill when we where little.But my kids will be stronger than before.I watch as the dead children walk up to them and play together.I went in to my tent.I know nothing bad will happen because no humans go here and the dead kids like to play with the other kids.I walk to my room and saw the picture of me and jeff before he got pregnant.Roselina come running to my room.I look at her thinking wheres her brother.Roselna hold up her arms wanting me to hold her."Awww you want dad to hold you." I said while I pick her up and walk to go find Jeff Jr.I saw he was playing wth the kid.Then the kids sing Pop goes the weasel.I put roselina down went to pick up Jeff Jr."Having fun son." I said as I see him smiling with excitement.Roselina run to me and tug my pants little."Aww roselina come on you can make friends."I said smiling.I watch as Roselina sit down I wonder why she will not play with the others.I put Jeff Jr. down while he play.I look closly and then it hit me.I now know Roselina and Jeff Jr are oppisite even if they are twin they act different.I pick up Roselina."Oh Roselina you have got to make friends you know you going to school and you need them.I pick up Jeff Jr and walk home.I was at the mansion finally I will see my bae.I walk in but it smelled weird."Well someone had fun."I said Laughing.I walk see Jeff on the cough and some human.I put the kids down sneek to the human.I put up the human by his throat.Who the hell are you."I said pissed off."LJ stop hes a friend."Jeff said.I nod but then I smelled it stronger.I sniff him and put him down walk over to jeff and smell the same smell.I slap Jeff so pissed I now know what happen they had sex.I saw Jeff on the floor tears down his eyes."You fucken cheater I never thought you would cheat on me you bitch."I said. I grab Jeff by the neck.I hear the kids crying then I look up and let go of Jeff.I grab them."They will stay with me I don't want them to have bad influence." I said."No your not the one who gave birth to them so they are mine they where in me."Jeff said.I saw jeff cring really hard."Why you cheated on me was I not good enough for you?" I asked.Jeff could not speak because he ws to busy cring.I walk to a room it was the guest room so I sleep in there with the kids.I'm really sorry they had to see that.

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