Love my Fmily

So now this about LJ and Jeff with the kids and when the kids point of view as well.So now they are ghappy with there family but wht will happen to the kids when they grown up.


3. Chapter Three

Jeff pov.

I could not help it but cry I wanted to hug LJ and apologize.I ran to slendy but he was not there.I ran to my room and saw LJ. run to him and hug him tight."LJ please i begg you I tried to stop him but couldn't help myself."I said so loud.I saw LJ with wde eyes was so surprised."Do you really mean it?" LJ ask me.I shake my head and LJ hug me back I put the kids in my bed and went to LJ bed.LJ started kissing my neck."LJ I'm very sorry." I said in low voice.He look at me and smile."No you must be punish my dear." LJ said in creepy voice but sexy too.LJ turn me on my back and take off my clothes.I grin and was so happy.LJ took off his clothes and rubs my back teasing me."MMMM Stop teasing me please." I said moaning."Shhhh I am punishing you." LJ said.LJ put his dick in my and went fast.I moan in pain but got use to it."Now i want you to begg like smiles would.

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