Love my Fmily

So now this about LJ and Jeff with the kids and when the kids point of view as well.So now they are ghappy with there family but wht will happen to the kids when they grown up.


1. Chaper one

Jeff Pov.

Finally today the day I can go kill while LJ watch the kids."Hey honey are you sure you got this?" I asked LJ."Yes I will be fine they are no trouble at all."LJ said smiling.I watch as LJ pick up Roselina. They do look alike but now the twins re 3 years old."Hey bae do you think we can umm let them go to school."LJ asked."Hahaha good one honey."I laugh hard."No i'm cerise." LJ said looking at me making sure i answer him."What but school is hell they look like us people will not let killers in." I said."Yeah but I can get Slendy to help us."LJ said."Fine but if they get bullied I swear I will make them Go To Sleep." I said angrily.I walk out so I can kill I was in the mood.I walk over to a tree and listen for people walking.I jump out but not in time I bump in to the person."Damn it been long time."I said angrily.I look up saw the guy I bump into."Why you staring at me like that." I said."Ummmm well I'm a fan of yours." He said.I was surprised and got up."Well lucky for you since its been a while since I killed you can came I got nothing better to do."I sad pissed off that I forgot how I kill.I help the guy up and we walk around the forest."Hey Jeff my I ask if I can help you kill."He said."I smile sure but promise me you will not go behind my back." I said.As he promise I took us to the mansion.I talk to slendy and he can be part of the creepypasta.I saw the guy down stairs."By the way whats your name?" I said."They name is Arlo."Arlo said.I smiled and walk to him."Cool name." I said.But some weird reason  blushed.Am I starting to like this but why? I walk to my room as Arlo follows me.Arlo lock the door.I truned around looking confused."Jeff I begg you I want to make love."Arlo said begging on his knees.I remeber LJ at his conervel I felt like I want to have sex."Hmmmm ok." I said comes out of my mouth.But I didnt mean to I didn't wanted to hurt LJ.Arlon took his clothes off then he took off mine."Arlo I can't do this." I said.Bu he piss me on the bed and put his dick inside of me.I could not help but moan.Oh my god it felt so good."Faster faster"I moan.Arlo went faster and felt better.I felt Arlo tongue lick my skin.I wanted to stop but could not control myself. I think to myself please just don't let LJ see this.We feel asleep naked.

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