Losing Scarlet

when scarlet gram looses her memory, her mother and her best friends when she is forced to find out who did this and why with only the help of her new friend chad. The world is their enemy.
Can she uncover this crime or will it cost her, freedom of even her life.
find out only in
Losing scarlet.

Original story by Olivia.p.cope


10. trying to escape

picture of scarlet in her finest..

2 weeks later 
I bang in the old oak door for Chad. I hear his foot steps through the wall. Scunce I'm still helaing he locked me in his bedroom I sleep on the floor to avoid him. But that doesnt stop him from trying to get me into the bed to sleep at night.

He opens the door and I lay there.
"yes scarlet."
"I need to eat Chad you can't keep feeding me little portions I'm gonna starve."

"It simple just say yes to the offer and I'll free you what ever you want heck ill give you free rang of the house when I'm home all you gotta say is yes."

"How about never you sick freak."
His offer, sleep in the bed at night and become his "loving" partner and I'll get to do what I want at the house I say no to that every time.

He shrugs and locks the door back I lay my head against the wall when it hits me a plan. I wait at least 2 hours so I can really plan it out before putting it into motion.

If I just say yes I could escape because of have free range.

I have to put it into effect fast though
I call for Chad so I can put it into action I stand up and I'm a little wobbly at first but I do and I slam my fist into the door.


I hear running and the door swings open to reveal a smiling chad.

"I knew you would give in eventually."

I go to walk past him but he hugs me instead, I hold back the urge to punch him and pat his back.

"Yeah... can I got to the living room to uh ... watch TV."

"Yes you can my little scar."


I slowly use the wall to guide me turning a corner I see a set up if screens of the whole house.
crap! I'll have to do this now if ever.

I run even though it hurts I do i open the door and go to step down when im thrown to the ground by my hair I scream and Chad begins to drag me by my feet.

He heads towards the cellar and I begin to panic so I grab into the wall and pull my shoulder cries out with pain but I ignore it.

My fingers begin to turn white as Chad pulls harder I cry out and I kick with a few tries i finally kick him square in the face.He stumbles back and I Regain footing, running again I approach the door when im tackled we roll around and kick and i scream Chad begins to punch me rapidity as the door hangs wide open I begin to see black dots as blood pours from my wounds when Chad is tackled to the ground. I look and see a teenage boy but Chad is 2x his size.
They fight in till the boy is unconscious.

Chad looks at me and slams the door.
"This is all because of you scarlet and now your gonna pay."

I slowly back away crawling backwards intill the wall keeps me from moving back any more Chad grabs onto my ankle and drags me towards the stairs I continue to scream and fight but I'm not as strong as him he pushes me down the wooden steps making me cry out when I reach the bottom I try to run to a corner but Chad grips my shirt and takes me back to the room buckling me down I sit there waiting but.... he leaves only to come back with the teenage boy that tried to save me he leaves him there laying on the center of the floor. Chad stands in the door way and waits with a menacing smile on his face i wait for whats to happen and for what only my nightmares can imagine.



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