Losing Scarlet

when scarlet gram looses her memory, her mother and her best friends when she is forced to find out who did this and why with only the help of her new friend chad. The world is their enemy.
Can she uncover this crime or will it cost her, freedom of even her life.
find out only in
Losing scarlet.

Original story by Olivia.p.cope


9. the cellar

I stare in horror at the things in front of me.

It's like a torture zone, blood stains the floor and a drain sits in the ground rusted with age. 
Tools cover one wall and a metal chair that has metal clasps on the arms and legs it sits all alone in the middle of the room.

A metal cage covers the tools but they are terrifying. Chad pushes me forward I stumble and fall landing on my hands and knees.

Chad lifts me up by my shirt pulling me towards the chair I struggle and try to go the opposite way but it doesn't work he basically throws me into the chair but I dont  move.

"So scarlet you want to see a monster do you?"

I shake my head rapidly to the side indicating a giant NO.

He leans forward and I lean back our faces inches apart I keep a scowl on my face trying to act strong. And he laughs at me.

"I can't hurt you but I can hurt some one you love."

"To bad you killed my only blood Chad and I'll never tell you if anyone else that had anything to do with my past days. Erik was your puppet. And my mother is gone my father is dead and my friends were killed you've done so much damage I have no one so it might be my weakness but it is also yours."

He chuckles before standing strait and heads towards the cage of tools he pulls out a plain simple pocket knife the black plastic shields the metal.

He opens it while walking toward me and as he leans down he stabs me in my thigh I scream tears rise along while I clench my teeth.

"Do not disrespect me scarlet."

He speaks through gritted teeth.Blood pours from the wound he turns  around and goes for another weapon I pull out the knife and throw it making it slides across the floor.

"You S.O.B if i ever get out of here!"
I grip my leg and try to stop the bleeding.

"No scar your only making things worse if you be good this won't happen."
He holds up a new knife this one smaller but yet it looks sharper.
He walks up to me and gets in my face.

"Are you going to be good."

"Go to hell you monster!"

he place the tip of the blade and slowly pushes it into my shoulder where all that there is is muscle I scream and try to push him away he pulls out the blade pushing him aside I try to bolt.

My leg gives out with the second step I make causing me to fall. I scream a deep scream. yelling I cry out when he takes his boot and flips me over pressing into my wound I can't take any more and I plead I plead for my life and for it to end.

He smiles knowing that I'm doing this and what he says next wounds me.

"There you go little scarlet I want you to do it again.. beg."

"Pl-please just stop"

He gets up and locks the cabinet before walking out leaving the door wide open.

"Come up when your hungry and don't try anything scar it won't end well for you."
  I watch as he walks up the old wooden steps and I lay there and do I the only thing I can I cry my heart out due to the pain, the lost and the betrayal you could say.
But that's all that I can do.. for now

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