Losing Scarlet

when scarlet gram looses her memory, her mother and her best friends when she is forced to find out who did this and why with only the help of her new friend chad. The world is their enemy.
Can she uncover this crime or will it cost her, freedom of even her life.
find out only in
Losing scarlet.

Original story by Olivia.p.cope


6. chads house

music blares as i walk around chad's house sculptures and paintings clutter the rooms and hallways.i pass by chad as he is laying underneath a metal sculpture tinkering around with the support system.

"chad did you make all these?"

"yeah hey um scar would you hand me that ratchet i kinda cant move."

"yeah sure ....here?"

i hand him a tool that i think is a ratchet. but im not entirely sure.


"no problemo."

i stand back and walk down the hallway to the large open kitchen I open up chads computer load disc that the police station allowed us to have along with all the information in a folder labeled "gram collision."all the evidence in this is what they collected from the crash. i load the video and watch as the white truck rams into my moms car tears begin to rise in my eyes. a sniffle comes out and almost like it was planned i feel arms wrap around me. i stand up and hug chad my face buried in his chest as i sniffle and cry.

"chad why do i feel so bad when ever i don't even remember that much about her?"

"she was your mother scarlet you might have forgotten but your soul hasn't. didn't i tell you not to watch those tapes anyways i don't just say things to speak i say them because i have some clue to what im saying."

"i- i know i just thou- i thought i could handle it."

chad pulls me in closer and he rest his chin on the top of my head i relax and wait for one of us to pull away but it didn't happen on its own it happened by a phone going off and it wasn't the house phone it was chads cellphone he answers the unknown number only to be met with multipul threats coming from the other side.


i look at chad with worried eyes and all he does is laugh.

'" im sorry sir who is this?"

"scarlet grams father and i want my daughter back now me and her boyfriend are worried sick!"

"you didn't seem worried when you left her blacked out on the ground nor did her so called 'boyfriend' when he smacked her across the face."

"excuse me?"

'You heard me loud and clear ill bring scarlet home when shes ready to see you now good bye mr.gram."

and like that he hung up he kisses my forehead and hugs me one more time before asking me a very simple question.

"do you think your father did this scar?"


"alright but in order for us to find out your gonna have to go find evidence against your dad."

"ill do anything.. i need to know if he did it and if he did why he would have wanted to hurt my mom."

i breathe in deeply and walk past chad and towards the front door.

"scar what are you doing?"

"its about time we start our own investigation isn't it?"

he grins before speaking.

"i guess so."

with that he grabs his keys and runs towards me we walk out side and get into his car right away he starts the vehicle and we pull out of his drive way and as we pull out i stare at the home of the artist, paramedic and most of all my love or so I thought...


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