Creators Camp

How does a summer camp with your internet best friend and favourite YouTuber sound? What about having your whole past written in direct messages to that YouTuber with an abandoned Twitter account? What about having a past that could tear you away from the life you dream of living? It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?


10. Part 9.

"Stay put." Connor warned before disappearing into his cabin.

"And what would happen if we don't?" Carrie asked innocently.

"You won't have a choice, hold still." He gave us a smile before bringing out a roll of electrical tape from behind his back.

He bent down and taped our feet to the ground and our hands to each others, preventing us getting away.

Okay you know what this is restraint and I know that for a fact.

"Back soon." He smiled ruffling my hair and skipping into his cabin.

"Are you serious let us go!" Carrie yelled trying to squirm out of the tape.

"Would you quit squirming and just stay still?" Connor asked looking out of the window with his common culture sweatshirt half on.

Talk about self promotion.

"This is restraint let us go! My Dads a lawyer!"

I couldn't help but start to laugh; her and I both know that her Dad is far from a lawyer.

"There done happy?" He asked removing the tape and dragging us to our cabin.

His hands gripped tightly around us; like a parent holds their toddlers hand crossing the road.

Dude I'm not 5 and you're not my Dad so let go.

"Now go get ready." He ordered lightly shoving us into our cabin.

I gave him a sarcastic salute as if he were the master of everything; he wishes.

Carrie rolled her eyes as heard him humming to himself.

"Somebody's still to happy for their own good." She whispered before disappearing into the bathroom.

I threw on some ripped skinny jeans, my oversized Bondi Rescue hoody and combat boots as I shoved my phone in my pocket.

We descended out of the cabin and Connor held his hand out; "Key?"

"Key." Carrie smiled sarcastically dropping it into his hand.

He held onto us tightly and led us to the front entrance, where everyone else was waiting.

I saw his car parked next to a mini bus.

Please tell me we're taking the van because I really don't want to be shoved in the boot of Connor Frantas car.

Not exactly the greatest fantasy.

I'd certainly hope he's a good driver, considering his friends driving skills don't leave a lot to be desired.

Tyler Oakley has totalled almost 4 cars and Jc Caylen has a habit of running red lights...

I just hope we make it out of this camp alive...

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