Creators Camp

How does a summer camp with your internet best friend and favourite YouTuber sound? What about having your whole past written in direct messages to that YouTuber with an abandoned Twitter account? What about having a past that could tear you away from the life you dream of living? It doesn't seem so easy anymore, does it?


5. Part 4.

"Next question is..." Connor reached into his common culture hat to retrieve a tiny piece of paper that had a question we were meant to answer in a sense for him to know us a bit better.

"When are you leaving?" I muttered.

Thankfully we did sit up the back, this way Connor can't hear my commentary.

"Right now." Carrie whispered as she finished tying the hair elastic around her hair to secure her messy side braid, "Lets go."

She craned her neck to see Connor reading the slip of paper, to concentrated to notice our escape.

I got up and followed her out as we ran away from the hall, me constantly looking back in case he caught us.

We reached our cabin and I fumbled with the key, I was in such a rush to un lock the door that my hands were just way to shaky.

Carrie took over and opened the door with ease as she ran in after me and left the door open.

"Okay change your sweatshirt, grab your beanie and your phone." She took off her sweatshirt and put on a regular black hoody and the cloud beanie that Jc Caylen has in his merch line.


"Because as I said we're going out."

She threw a blanket into her backpack along with her phone and wallet.

I took a shaky breath, I shouldn't be nervous.

I'm about to become a free range teenager instead of a pain in Connor Frantas arse.

I quickly switched from my sweatshirt to my varsity jacket from high school back in Australia, put on some sweatpants because let me tell you the skinny jeans I wore were a stupid idea.

I'm chafing in a place I'd rather not be chafing.

I grabbed the only beanie I own; the common culture beanie and adjusted it on my head.

"If you wear that you'll get caught, wear the YOUTH beanie I have from Troyes merch line." Carrie pointed to the beanie that was hung on a hook above her bed.

I reached up to grab it and threw my common culture one lazily on the floor.

She passed me my phone as she re locked the door and ran in the complete opposite direction to the cabins.

We were getting closer to the main facilities, so the games room and the dinner hall.

"Can you believe that we only met in real life this morning and now already we're breaking the rules together and running off at night fall?" Carrie asked giggling as we slowed our pace to a walk.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, tell me you brought a torch, it'll get dark soon."

She nodded; "Yeah and we have a torch on our phones too. Plus these spotlights will come on shortly." She gestured up to the spotlights that were scattered around the grounds.

I heard voices behind me and I turned to Carrie who was looking behind her with a mix of fear and confusion written across her face.

"Their back!" She whisper-yelled as she dragged me behind a bush.

The spotlights flicked on and I jumped a little at the sudden light that beamed down.

Carrie had to stifle her giggles as the other campers walked past, Connor trailing behind with another girl.

They seemed to be talking about conspiracy theories.

I felt myself losing balance so I planted my hands on the ground to stop myself from falling, the leaves underneath me crunched which made Connor and this other girl stop dead in their tracks.

"Did you hear that?" The girl asked.

"Yeah." Connor answered fear slightly evident in his voice.

I held my breath in hopes they'd just walk away and blame it on a possum or a stray cat or something.

"Is anyone there?" Connor called.

We both stayed deadly quiet not even daring to take a short breath.

He looked at the girl and shrugged before they walked away towards the games room.

God knows what's even in there, I haven't bothered to check it out.

"The minute he rounds that corner run like crazy to the back of the furthest cabins got it?" Carrie whispered.

I nodded and got myself into a position that would make it easy to take off and sprint.

I used to do athletics so surely I won't flop too badly.

He walked round the corner and we both took off, me slightly ahead of Carrrie.

But to be fair she had a backpack full of stuff and I only had my phone in my pocket.

We stopped running and rested against the back of a cabin.

"Wait who stays in this cabin?" I asked as Carries eyes were wandering up to the window mischievously.


"Carrie I'm being-" I was cut off by the sound of a door opening.

"Who the heck is in this cabin?" I whispered.

"Connor..." She trailed off unsure of what else to say.

This is Connors cabin?...

"Quick give me a piggy back."

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