I have powers but I'm not a hero

What happens when a group of high schoolers can unconsciously bend reality? Well they don't become heros, that's for sure.


1. Schroedinator


 day one 


  It was like any other morning silent and boring, just waiting for school to begin. At the time i did not know that my last year of high school was gonna be so… different. I walked onto campus and checked in like any other day and waited with tiburon for class to begin.


magician: a look scooby is here


tiburon: yea i see him 


next to scooby was PIGBLOOOOOOOD!!! they walked up to me an tiburon.


magician: pigblooood!!!


PIGBLOOOOD!!!: pigbloooood!! 


magician: sup scoob.


scooby-do: sup. a magician do you know where school shooter is at?


magician: na i dont, hes probably with his lady right now.


scooby-do: yea.


while scoob and magician were talking school shooter showed up


magician: a school shooter where were you?


For some reason school shooters face was all swollen up it looked like he was beaten by someone but none of us bothered asking him what happened.


school shooter: oh i was uh.. at 


as me and my friends were talking a white flash blinded our eyes and we notice it came from schroeders class so we went to check it out. I opened the classrooms door and walked in with my friends right behind me.


Magician: mr. What was that wight flash just now?


Schroedinator: it.. Was.. Noth *cough* *cough* I'm sorry what I was trying to say was that it was nothing now go, class is about to begin 


Me and my friends walke outside and scooby seemed bothered by something 


Scooby-do: was it just me or did Schroeder sound like a robot back there.


My friends were talking about how Schroeder sounded like a robot but tiburon and me just walked to class and soon after the rest of my friends besides school shooter followed. My first two classes were the same as always but things really became strange once we began third period. I walked into class and took my seat in the same spot as always with pigbloood!! To my left and tiburon seated behind me.


Schroedinator: o.. Kay.. Class.. *cough* *cough* excuse me. Ok, class if anyone needs help just let me know.


He said that and went on to do what he usually does and then the truly annoying part of class began.


Donkey: doggie.. Doggie.. doggie


Smide: doggie.. doggie.. Doggie


This annoying pitch voice continued for five minutes until Schroeder got up from his chair and walked towards smide. He pulled out a nerf gun and pointed it at smide, everyone was confused as to what was going on. Schroeder looked into smides eyes and pulled the trigger. Donkey screamed in horror, his friends skin was peeling off.


Magician: THE HELL!!.. WHAT IS THAT?!?




Smides skin peeled off leaving behind a dead squid.


Schroedinator: [robotic tone] you have been schroedirnated


Everyone was confused as to what had happened and amongst the confusion tiburon stood up and looked at me


Tiburon: magician get us out of here!


Magician: yea


With a snap of my fingers I passed through time with my friends arriving at lunch seated where we usually sit.


Tiburon: what just happened?


Magician: I don't know man.


As we were talking scooby walked into the cafeteria skipped lunch and walked up to us, it looked like he had ran all the way here.


Scooby:Where the hell!!.. *huff* *huff* where you guys. You guys missed something freaking aw- I mean traumatizing.


 It looked like Scoob was furious.


Magician: I'm sorry, here have an Oscar snack to calm you down


Scoob: ok 


Oscar snack: horse ver.

Every snack is an a shape of Oscar and in the back they all have one of five of his catch phrase written on it which are shut your mouth, oh my god, I'll punch you in the stomach, I'm not lying, and it's not mine.


Magician: ok so.. What happened Scoob 


Scooby-do: dude, I was going to goveas to use the computer and I see everyone run out and I walk in to see govea and school shooter fighting.


Tiburon: what?


Scooby-do: yea! I don't know how but goveas hands turned into silver spears and he started swinging at school and obviously school shooter wasn't taking it lying down. He pulled out an ak47, don't ask I have no freaking idea where he pulled it out from. Anyway as I was saying, they were fighting school shooter kept shooting but govea was regenerating. I don't know what that was govea had bullet wounds all over him but instead of there being blood it was just a silver dent!


Magician: woa, that shits crazy. what happened to school shooter tho?


Scooby-do: oh yea, he's dead


Magician: what! Why didn't you say that first!! Hurry we must bring him back to this world!


Scooby-do: why?


Magician: honestly there's no real reason.


Tiburon: well he is part of our group.


PIGBLOOOD!!: Pigbloood!!!!


Magician: true. Alright let's go gather the dragon balls.


Scooby-do: oh, I already got them


Magician: what? How'd you get them? And when did you have time to look for them?


Scooby-do: simple, I bought them on Amazon and man were they cheap I just paid twenty dollars.


Magician: you what, I'm not even gonna ask?


As we were talking govea busted through the wall on my left and made eye contact with me


Magician: oh shit, everyone grab onto tiburon.


Not to long ago tiburon ate the sui sui no mi, it is e devil fruit that allows him to swim through walls and the ground.


PIGBLOOOD: pigblooood!!!


Tiburon divided into the ground swimming past govea and we resurfaced once we got to my car. Once we got to my car we got on and bolted out of there. As I was driving I looked in my rear mirror and I saw something that should not be possible.


Magician: how is this possible!! I'm going 50mph!


Scooby-do: STEP ON IT!! 


Magician: you don't have to tell me twice 


PIGBLOOOD: pigbloood!!!


I pushed my car to its limits and somehow escaped govea and made it to scoobys house 


Scooby-do: we took the longest route but finally we're  here 


We got out the car and went inside scoobys house and sumend shenron 


Tiburon: um.. What were we gonna wish for agen?


As he said that everyone's stomach started grumbling


Magician: that's right, we haven't eaten yet huh?


Scooby-do: shenron I wish for a large pizza


Shenron: your wish has been granted you have two wishes left


Magician: ah.. Can you fix my car? We might had escaped govea but he did mess up my car


PIGBLOOOD: I want a cheeseburger.


Shenron: your wish has been fulfilled Ferrell.


And with that shenron left and the day came to an end, it was one crazy Monday but even so I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something.











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