I have powers but I'm not a hero

What happens when a group of high schoolers can unconsciously bend reality? Well they don't become heros, that's for sure.


4. Origin?

It was Thursday morning and I was feeling lazy as hell, I didn't want to go to school but I didn't stay home because I didn't want my parents nagging about how I need to go to school. I got ready and left to go pick up school shooter and Pigbloood! After picking them up I made my way to school.


PIGBLOOOD!!: hey can I drive?


Magician: no way! Last time I let you, you almost got us killed


pigblooood!!: oh come on!


magician: no! shut up!


school shooter: man why are you being such a d-


I pressed a hidden button in my car that launched school shooter out of my car.


magician: i'm too tired to be putting up with your bad sense of humor 


and with that we left school shooter behind and ten minutes later i arrived at school and went to go get breakfast with pigblooood!! as we were getting close to the cafeteria a ghoul from tokyo crossed our path and it looked like she was hungry


magician: i'm really getting tired of this shit


rize: come here now, don't worry it will only hurt.. a lot hahaha. i'll rip you guys limb from limb. i'm starving so i'll enjoy this


magician: here have snickers, because you are not you when you're hungry 




me and pigbloooood!! played rock paper scissors to see who would deal with her and i won so i went ahead to get breakfast as pigbloood!! stayed behind to get rid of rize.


magician: well i'll go on ahead then.


i was getting tired of having to deal with all of the bad things in the world, i mean since when was it my job to be a hero i don't even like heros that much. Although I was tired because of all the events that have been occurring lately I didn't think about trying to figure out why they keep happening mainly because I was having fun.


Magician: ok now that i got my breakfast i'll just go and check in.


Who would have thought that today was gonna be the day things would take a turn for the worst.  Scooby-do had found the cause of all these events and all the his leads pointed at me and so he gathered the group and stopped me before I got to clas.


Scooby-do: magician we gotta talk


Magician: sorry I don't have time, I just got to the best part of dragon ball so i'm gonna go to class and finish the sh-




For some reason school shooter decided to shoot me, and with a shotgun no less. Turns out he's horrible at aiming and missed my head however he did shoot my hand right off and it obviously hurts like hell. I was loosing a lot of blood so I knew I was gonna pass out at any moment.


Scooby-do: what the hell was that?! We said we were to talk about it first before we decided anything.


All the students hadn't gone to class so they saw me standing there with one arm and a lot of them started screaming and some just ran away, yea those brats are annoying there lucky I wasn't in any condition to shut them up permanently.


School shooter: oh come on he won't die he gots massive plot armor.


Scooby-do: I don't know what you're talking about but still.. You know what? whatever I'm gonna go grab breakfast.


School shooter: yea I'm gonna see how PIGBLOOOOD!! Is doing


Magician: um.. Can someone give me a hand here?.. Hahaha, see what I did there? No?.. Ok I'll shut up


After saying that scooby and school shooter left and soon after I collapsed.



         Flash back


It all started in the early morning of 2013, I was bored as hell and sick of my family so very rarely talked to them. I went out for a morning walk and as I was crossing the street near the middle school I was hit by a crazy drunk driver. The guy didn't even stop to check if I was alive and I was but I was fading to complete darkness I was losing consciousness. I closed my eyes and i thought I was gonna die but to my surprise I was no longer in pain so I got up and walked home. As I was walking home I realized something, I couldn't remember my name and all my memories of my family and friends were completely gone. Although I say family it did not mean my parents and brothers, I continued walking and as walked I felt like something I never knew was beamed right into my brain something I never knew.


I realized I now knew every type of magic whether it was to destroy or create. Any form of magic there ever existed, I was capable of using. Once I got home I didn't eat or talk to anyone I just went directly to bed and fell asleep. once asleep I had the weirdest dream, I saw an ice dragon and it began to talk to me.


Solantir: kid, I'm a dragon that does not have long to live so listen well.


Magician: (sarcastic tone) yea, and why don't I take notes while I'm at it?


Solantir: shut up and listen, I'm dying so my dragon soul is gonna move on to you.


Magician: and I care.. Why?


Solantir: you should care because you already have half of it within you and it has connected to your consciousness without you knowing, and because of this you have been using its power without knowing.


Magician: wait wait wait, first of all I don't understand how you think I have this power your talking about and even if I did how the hell does it work if I'm using it without knowing.


Solantir: look kid, the name of this power is called dragon force. This ability isn't something so simple, it's the ability to bend reality and only few can control it. I have aged and my time has come so naturally this power jumps to the nearest person however there's a catch, you see it's-


Magician: yea yea whatever, I don't care about the origins just get to the point already I got shit to do


Solantir: (sigh) ok look your consciousness isn't connected to this ability so you can't control it however the dragon force has already been deep rooted to your unconsciousness. and be of this you use the power without knowing. 


It was cool seeing a dragon but because it was all a dream I didn't care about what he had been saying however I soon found out it was all true. As time went on, things that would normally be impossible had been taking place every day.



End of flashback


As I woke up I realized I was in the cafeteria and in front of me I saw school shooter in the ground twitching. I looked around and saw all my friends were around me.


Magician: what the hell happened here?


PIGBLOOOD: weeeeeell.. You almost killed school shooter in your sleep hahaha how do you even do that


Scooby-do: you were also talking about yourself during your sleep.


My friends were tell me that I was talking in my sleep about my past.


Tiburone: so.. Is everything you said true?


Magician: aside from how I got my name, yea.


Tiburon: then how'd you get your name?


Magician: I just did a magic trick in class last year.


Tiburon: oh


I was tired so I just left and went home, I decided to explain everything in full detail tomorrow. As I was leaving I realized we forget to call an ambulance for School shooter, well I'm sure he'll be fine he just needs to walk it off.







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