I have powers but I'm not a hero

What happens when a group of high schoolers can unconsciously bend reality? Well they don't become heros, that's for sure.


2. Crazy adventure

Granada: day two  

day two 



After what just happened yesterday we all decided to meet up at PIGBLOOOODS!! House. Apparently Korin had been staying at his house and had some sensu beans with him. 


PIGBLOOOOD!!: we all ate a sensu bean so let's just go gather the dragon balls and wish school shooter back already.


magician: yeeeea.. about that, it turns out he's in hell now so i thought we should just go to him, instead of gathering the dragon balls.


scooby-do: how do you even know where he is?


magician: yea about that, turns out he stole king kais antennas and got in contact with satan. So now the guy is in hell partying non stop.


As I was explaining to everyone my phone started ringing 


Magician: hello


School shooter: you motha ashole yo-


Magician: yea hold on let me put you on speaker. 


I put my phone on speaker so my friends could listen.


Magician: Ok, talk to me


School shooter: as I was saying before I was soooo ruuudely interrupted. You freaking asholes  forgot to wish me back.


Everyone: *pffff* hahaha


PIGBLOOOD!!!!: you just got pranked bro!


School shooter: the hell!!


Magician: yea, no It wasn't it a prank we completely forgot.




Magician: ok firstly we weren't running for our life's we aren't weak enough to be killed by a robot or whatever that was, and second we never thought about bringing you back.


School shooter: WHAT!! Oh I'm mad now


PIGBLOOOD!!: ~oooh nobody gives a shit~


Scooby-do: well all jokes aside, we have a serious mystery on our hands guys.


PIGBLOOOD: and that would beeee?


Scooby-do: why out of all this time does govea choose now to attack us?


PIGBLOOOD: oh, I gotcha cuzzz. I reprogram govea to do two things, one was to give me credits without me having to do work and the second was to target school shooter.


Scooby-do: wha?


Magician: huh? So it was a prank then.




It was one epic prank but obviously school shooter didn't agree. I was confused as how the hell PIGBLOOOD!! Knows how to reprogram a robot and so were my friends but we didn't bother asking, but that did not include school shooter of course.




PIGBLOOOD!!: ~YouuuuTuuube~


School shooter: the hell!! I swear when I get back.. You bi-


I didn't want to listen to him no more so I hanged up, you might think that's messed up but the story most move on plus I'm sure he'll get over it.. Eventually.


Magician: well since you caused all this you go pick him up.


PIGBLOOOD: eeeeeh?... Ok fine.


pigblooood!!! placed his hand on my car and transformed it into the hell car, it can take us to hell and back now. The car turned Matt black with the edges being sharper and the wheels being on fire, it was on some ghost rider shit.


Magician: yea, well you guys go on ahead, I'm going to Mexico.


Tiburon: why are you going to Mexico for?


Magician: I'm running for president, I wanna see how far acting like a complete idiot will take me over there.


Tiburon: oh


And with a snap of a finger I was in Mexico 


Magician: wenos dias hente de Mexico!!! (Good morning Mexico)


Interviewer: Por que cree que va a ser un bien presidente? (why do you think you'll be a good president) 


Magician: sabes que? Mucha hente se burlan de Mexico, ya no somos el mejor, ya no ganamos. Pues cuando me vuelbo presidente voy aser Mexico exselente de Nuevo. (You know what? A lot of make fun of Mexico, we aren't the best anymore, we don't win anymore. Well when I become president I will make Mexico great again.)


After horribly losing as I expected I went home turned on the tv and I saw the funniest shit ever. someone who looked exactly like an orange orangutan named trump used everything I said in Mexico in his campaign.


Magician: what a dumbass 


Many hours had passed by and Pigbloood!! And the rest of them had not come back yet so I decided to go get them. I opened a portal to hell and went to were my friends were.


Magician: what in the hell?.. No pun intended


Once I walked through the portal I saw school shooter and pigbloood!! Playing in a concert with satan as the lead singer 



Satan: ~I'm on the hiiiiiiiiiigh waaaay to hell~


Down in hell it is nothing like people say it is, all the actual bad people are frozen solid for eternity while everyone else just do what they want. Many people party while others hold interesting events, I was mostly interested in the battle tournament until my friends finished playing with satan.


Magician: i-is that.. Pikachu?


Pikachu: pika.. Pika.. Pika pika pika.. CHUUUUU!!!


Magician: holy shit, pikachu use chidory.


First time I see pikachu in person and he killed someone, well it was interesting so I didn't think too much about it. After spending three hours in hell we decided to leave, an this time we didn't forget about school shooter.


Tiburon: well then, since everyone one is drunk I guess I'll drives us back


Somehow I passed out and ended up in the trunk of my car the rest of my friend aside from tiburon were so drunk they were talking about how life sucks on the whole way back. It was a great Tuesday but because we ditched school we had PM the next day but we never stayed.


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