Science And Culture

Culture is evolved in tune with daily needs and Science is advanced in tune with the way of life in its practical knowledge.


2. Evolution And Technology

Consciousness expanded from the lowest to the highest,

cultural wonders manifested, be it music, dance, painting or marshal arts.

The mystical experience of culture inspired not by rules or procedures.


The intellect expands into intuition,

intuition illumines the intellect,

confused knowledge transformed into clear thought,

the clear thought to integral intuition of the infinite

the spirit merges into the soul

enlightenment rushes in a whole.


No culture absolutely original or uninfluenced,

civilization in essence  assimilation of different cultures,

the realm of culture is the realm of values,

of styles, emotional attachments and intellectual adventures.


Culture the synthesis of religion, philosophy, art and science

to be lived, to be learned, to be loved and to be practiced;

an internal quest for growth from within;

for an enlightened heart and compassionate head.


"perhaps beauty will become a sentiment, art will be something halfway between algebra and music".

the fear of Flaubert at cultural decay and the precedence of technology reflects;

but Goethe's faith is in materialization of spirit and spiritualization of matter.


Science as culture encompasses all experiences-

at work, at computer; at movie at hospital;

at home and at academy

as work and entertainment are integrated.


" A hundred flowers may bloom and all of them are separately beautiful and the garden in which they bloom is also

as a whole beautiful; separately and together, they are sources of ineffable joy".-Mao .

Beautiful variety, not vulgar uniformity.


"The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom but to put a limit to infinite error".-Bertold Brecht.



(Reference: Journals. Flaubert-French novelist of 19th century. Goethe- German writer and statesman of 19th century. Bertold Brecht-German poet of 20th century.)


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