Science And Culture

Culture is evolved in tune with daily needs and Science is advanced in tune with the way of life in its practical knowledge.


1. Intellect And Intuition


"From sublime to the ridiculous there is but one step and vice versa."

Culture an uniform and constant background to the scientific development,

culture evolved in tune with daily needs-of material and spiritual;

science advanced in tune with the way of life- in its practical knowledge.


Culture evolves in commonsense,

reflects in all aspects of traditional life,

grows out of the unconscious and transcends scientific technique.

"Art becomes an artless art".


True culture contains high moral and spiritual elevation

embraces in its fold the entire universe;

the only road to inner security and the only freedom worth having- says Einstein.


Language an essential element, a powerful influence on culture

tends to erect barriers between nations;

the irony of systems- of information and transfer devoid of human element

strangely separate man from man.

" Man today is an intellectual giant but an emotional pigmy".


Culture evolves through climate and population,

their nature and ethical standards,

through intelligence and leadership;

" If underdeveloped brains are in charge of great power, the result- extinction"!


As we control nature forces through knowledge and mechanism

a clear perception of brain mechanism

analysis of emotions and aggressions, desires and pleasures,

offer solutions to our present problems.


The funny thing and a curious fact about man:

group loyalty takes precedence over his individual expression and self-interest;

and an interesting scientific fact that throws light on human eccentricities and perversions is:

"dichotomy in the function of the  old and new cortex that might account for differences between emotional and intellectual behavior"- Paul Mac leans.                                                 







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