New movella


1. New School

Addy's Pov

I was walking to school for my first day. I was scared, I didn't even wanted to be noticed. This is gonna be terrible.

I was getting closer to my new school, Forest Park Highschool. As I got closer, I remembered what my dad told me 2 weeks ago.

"Addy" My dad called. "Coming" I walked down stairs. "Yes?" "Come here" I walked to the living room. My mom and dad were there, with discouragement on there face. "So..." My mom turned to me. "You know we're moving and stuff right?" "Yes" I replied. "That have to go to...a different school" I just say there, thinking '...fuck'. "Wait what?" I said, slightly looking shocked. My dad and mom nodded. "But there's a bright side! You get to meet new friends, and it's more educational for you. We think you'll like this school much more better" My dad said and they both smiled.

What the hell?

"No I can't go to another school! There will be so much drama that I don't wanna be involved in!" I protested. "Addy..." "What if I get bullied, or even get pregnant...?" "Adelaide..." "What if I never get to be with the people I LOVE?!" "Adelaide Daisy Hunter!" My dad shouted. "You are going to this new school! You are going because you have no where else to go!" My dad kept shouting, getting closer to me, yelling louder by the second. "Your going to this fucking school and that's final!" I was scared of what'll happen next. "Your gonna end up more stupid than you already are!" Then he slapped me. "Jackson!!" My mom yelled.

I didn't know what to do...

I tried to shake the thoughts out my head, having a tear fall. I wiped it away and walked into the school. I went to the office to pick up my schedule then went to my locker. My mom said they sent your locker combo to the students' phone. I put in my combo, 45-20-18, then put all my stuff in. Then went to go to the bathroom.

In the hall were alot of people. And apparently a lot of cliques. From my observations, there was The Jocks, The Nerds, The Gothics, The Otakus, The Shy-Kids, then there was one "special" one. The Popular Kids...

There weren't any cliques at my old school but, eh.

I went to the bathroom, did my business and blah blah blah. I went back to my locker to get something,but there was someone near it. I don't know who it is but they need to leave my locker or I'm leaving.

I slowly walked to my locker and put in the combination. When I put in the first digit, someone pushed me away. "Move it scrub" It was a girl. She looked like she was one of the popular kids.

I was gonna rip her fucking hair out.

She went in her locker and put on a lot of makeup. She locked like a great grandfather of a clown.

"Perfection is my middle name" She smiled an clapped her hands like a tiny bell. The walked away. Okay then.

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