Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


5. trouble

Bella's POV

I was about to object to Michael's decision when one of those shows about famous and there life come on and the gossip girl says " Today people from LA have claimed have saw Calum Hood and his former ex girlfriend Isabella Lockwood at the Starbucks and here we have some footage."

A little screen in the corner pops up and our fight from earlier was playing all over the screen. After it finished the table was silent you could literally hear a pin drop. But then the gossip girl gets back at it "Bella Lockwood here just causing more trouble for Calum Hood from 5 seconds of summer what is he doing hanging out with her again?" She says "some of our reporters got some words out of Calum today and here it comes."

A video popped up and this is how it went

NR= news reporter and C.H= Calum hood

NR:so are the rumors true are you back with Bella again

CH: why would I go back with her

NR:you were seen with her earlier today at a local Starbucks

CH:if I get lucky I will never see her again

"And there you have it everyon-" the gossip girl got out before Ashton had the tv off.

After he turned it off I barely noticed all the tears that were sliding down my cheeks and I couldn't take it how could he?

I got up to leave and Ashton Luke or Michael didn't try to stop me they knew what he did was wrong.

I had just grabbed my bag when I felt Calum pull my bag and place it back down "Bella it's not what it looks like please stay!" He said

"Why so you could say another hurtful cruel thing to me and then hopefully never see me again well don't worry about that because I'll stay out of your way I'll gladly never talked you again!" I yelled

"Bella please no!"

"To late Calum I thought you changed but like father like son." I said.

Oh god dang it I wasn't supposed to say anything

"Wait why'd you say that" he said

"It was a mistake"

"No it wasn't tell me!" He said yelling but this was a very scary yell he had me up against the wall and now I was more scared but I would not let that show

I pushed him off of me "if you really want to know right after I almost died which you don't care about my mom told me that she used to date your father and he did the same thing except he cheated on her and he abused her but worst of all he let his friends abuse her your following in his footsteps Calum and you can't stop it!" I yell and he stares at me looking at me.

"Well at least my dad wanted m-"he said before Luke threw his hand over Calum's mouth but I knew what he was saying. He got me he got me in my weak spot and he knew it for gods sake I only ever told him and the rest of his band and promised he would never let people say things about my dad to me but yet here he is saying them to me.

Everyone knew he had me and right there tears started sliding down my cheeks like a water fall.

I hit my knees and just sat there my dad never wanted me he didn't want to ruin his career with my mom so he left me and my mom but 4 years ago I had the guts to track him down but it turns out he was also Luke's dad so me and Luke have the same dadbut he loves Luke and not me

I grabbed the closest thing to me which was a knife and got on my feet everyone was backing away.

"Luke you were always there for me and I can never repay you." I said

"what are you doing?" He said tears in his eyes

"Ashton you would always cheer me up when I was down with your funny accent Michael you always knew the right pranks and the right things to do to get us in trouble backstage and Calum even if you don't feel the same I always loved you." I said now full out balling "take care I love you guys." I said and with that I jabbed the knife into my stomach and turned it

All I can remember is hitting my knees and all the boys running over to me but Luke he picked me up and ran me to his car.

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