Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


2. Talk

~Present day~

Bella's POV

I just had unlocked my shop it was 10:00 and people had already filled the boardwalk I opened the shop at that time every day it was just the right time.

I straightened some things up and then turned the closed sign to open. I went and sat down behind the cash register. I watched as Dylan came in and started fixing up the ice cream booth "Hello" he said quite cheerfully

"Hai and may I ask why you are in such a good mood today?" I said

"Well my cousin Mali came to visit today!" He said

My heart sank Mali. Calum had a sister named Mali. But right then I realized how much Dylan looks like Calum that is the reason I started talking to him he was like my missing Calum except he was my Friend Calum.

"Wait is her last name Hood?" I asked

"Yup" he replied.

But I didn't need the drama she might come here but Calum wouldn't I heard that he doesn't talk to his family anymore.

After me and Dylan's conversation ended I went and sat down behind the cashier again.

I heard the bell ring informing me someone had walked in. I didn't bother to look up they could look around and then talk to me. "Um hi I am here to buy something for my sister she is like in her twenties since your a girl can you maybe help me?" I knew that voice from anywhere it belonged to the one and only Calum Hood.

I froze for a few seconds but then nodded my head.

I tried not to act awkward so he wouldn't think anything was off but he wouldn't notice who I was even if I was acting awkward because I had changed myself so much just in case he ever found me again. I used to have blue eyes and black hair but now I have blond hair a lip ring and green contacts.

I even took a weird class thing that would help change my voice but it worked so.

I got up and went over to him he was looking me up and down and in prayed that he didn't notice. "You look like someone I've meet before what is your name?" He said

"Hannah that is my name." I said but Dylan looked at me like I was crazy I gave him the 'it's a long story' look. "You might be mistaking me for my cousin Bella." I said

He looked broken after I said that his eyes showed that he was hurt and was full of misery I died inside a little knowing that I broke his heart.

"Do you think I can maybe talk to her sometime." He said his voice cracking a little

"Sure but in the meantime lets fine this sister of yours something." I said trying to make as least awkward as possible.

We spent about 30 minutes looking but I showed him a shirt that said 'if you love something let it go and if it comes back to you it is truly yours' he stared at this shirt and I said "winner winner chicken dinner." I said laughing

He shot me a look and said "where did you get that from?" He said

I stood there remembering that Calum used to say that to me but only Calum said that and he told me it was our little phrase.

I couldn't speak he looked me up and down until his facial expression softened and he took my arm and pulled up my nirvana sweater until he found a little tattoo that said 'C.H + I.L' he gasped and looked at me with a hurt expression.

I couldn't stand it I was about to say something when he pulled me into a hug and started balling into my chest I just stood there but soon wrapped my arms around him.

After about I minute I went up to Dylan and said " I promise I will explain everything later just call Kelsey and tell her to come to work." He nodded and I went back to Calum

He pulled me into another hug and then he said "We need to talk"

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