Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


1. Prolouge



I remember all the things they would say to me just because Calum loved me they hated me. Hate. That's all I could think about when I saw his fans they scared me they would make threats or even try to throw things at me Calum once had to hold girl back because she threw a rock at my back and she wasn't finished there. But I loved him at the time. But one day this girl she stands in front of me has a gun in her hand and threatened to kill me but what I didn't know was that Calum was standing right there the whole time

"JUST DO IT!" I yelled " I CAN'T LIVE ANYMORE!" I fell to the ground sobbing but Calum somehow managed to get the gun from the girl but I was out of the door before he could say a word to me.

"BELLA COME BACK!" He yelled but I didn't dare to stop. And like that I was gone i remember that day I ran home crying and took my blade and made 15 cuts on each arm.

But even though I left Calum I don't dare to stop watching his broadcasts I watch the new ones over and over again until a new one come out I left it is my fault.

I've hated myself since that day and that was 2 years ago but when I watched Calum's broadcasts I noticed that the ones before he left he was still happy and the ones after I left he was more what's the word I just go with not as outgoing.

But here I am in Los Angeles,California living in my house by the beach I bought it with all of my college funds because I didn't need them I had a free scholarship. I just graduated as a UCLA Bruin but I decided to open my own shop right by the beach so my house was close to the boardwalk. Bella's Boutique was the name of my store I sold things like cute handbags,bows, makeup,jewelery, sweaters and blouses. My best friend Dylan he helps me with my shop but on the other side of the shop there is an ice cream booth. So Dylan works there while I work the boutique. My life was just starting to get better but that all changes.

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