Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


7. House

Rachel's POV

"Um first since I am in my video clothes can we head to my house and then I will take a shower and you guys could stay there while u get ready." I say

"Sure"Calum says winking at me and for some reason I was creeped out again

"Is there something wrong with you eye or are you just winking at me like I a creep?" I whispered to him as we were walking "ooh I love it when you whisper to me." He said

But I couldn't put up with it I just walked over on Luke's side so I wasn't in the middle anymore what a creep Calum is beginning to become.

Calum's POV

She went to stand next to Luke god dang she was drop dead gorgeous.

I have no idea why but I was just drawn to her but I guess she just thought I was a creep but who knows she might not like Harry!

Rachel's POV

We got to my house and I went straight in and said

"So you guys can either-"I said before I was cut off by Luke

"I can tell him what he can do and can't do."

I looked over at him and said "oh and says the guy who when I told him what the rules were the first time said he wasn't listening." She said giving him a look

"Hey I was listening but I just didn't care." He said

"By heck you've been here enough times to know what I am gonna beat your as for." I said

But I gave him a look that was supposed to tell him if you let him in my stuff I will murder you and he obviously got it because he sent me back a I got this look.

I went to my room and got in the shower

-skip shower time-

I got out of the shower and dried myself but just as I got my underwear and bra on someone walked in.

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