Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


8. hey

Rachel's POV

"OH MY GOD GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I yelled reaching for my blanket while looking down.

But when I looked up I saw Luke.

"Relax its me!" he said

"Oh my god I thought you were Calum I was about to kick your-" I got out before the door burst open and Calum was about to walk in but I had just enough time to push Luke into the closet hopefully he didn't suspect anything.

Calum's POV

I heard the door bell ring and some girl was at the door and when she saw me she shot me a dirty look "hey um I will go get Luke or Rachel come in" I said

"She's my best friend I could come in if I wanted!" She snapped but I reconized that snapping from anywhere that was Ashley Tisdale.

She went and sat on the couch I walked in Rachel's bedroom and she was only in her undergarments and I heard her close the closet door "oh my god ever heard of knocking and you knew I was getting out of the shower!" She yelled at me.

"As much as I enjoy the view and you yelling at me turning me on you friend Ashley is here." I said winking once again but she just rolled her eyes

For some reason I kept winking at her was she right was there really something wrong with my eye.

"Ok first get out second tell her to come in and last I have to cancel lunch I forgot to mention I was already going to lunch with Ashley ."

"We can come with you!" I said fastly

"No way don't ask me ask Ashley." Rachel said

Rachel's POV

I told him to ask Ashley because she HATES him like no joke we were friends before when my name was Bella we went to camp together but anyways she found out what he did to me and freaked out.

The only way she will let Calum go is if Luke is go because she is head over heels for that guy but he is to scared to admit to her that he likes her back like it is to much drama for me even though my life is like the meaning of drama.

Then I realized I was still in my undergarments I just pushed him out and locked the door. Luke got out of the closet and said "Ashley's really here?"

"Yes Luke she is now go talk to her!" I said rolling my eyes.

"To scared"

"We have a chicken here poc poc" I said doing a chicken dance

"Get some clothes on I can't watch my older sister so this anymore!" He said pretending to die


I went to the closet and grabbed my black fight song crop top I had one specially made for me.

And then I grabbed my blue skinny jeans,my black stilettos and my black rhinestone belt.

I had just put on my belt when Luke threw a red heal at me it hit me in my stomach I fell on two knees "Luke did you forget" I said clutching my stomach

"I'm sorry" he said helping me up.

We both walked out and I we saw the funniest thing.

Calum was locked on the balcony (her house is over the side of the a mountain so there is a balcony) and my dog was barking at Calum as he was backed up at one corner Ashley was sitting on the couch laughing and soon me and Luke were too.

He then said "Luke this dog is scaring me help me!" I walked over to the door unlocked it grabbed my dog and locked it again. I put my dog down and started watching again. But Luke was just being the nice guy he is he walked over and unlocked it.

"Aww you ruined it Lukie!" Ashley said "I mean Luke"

"It's alright." He said blushing

"Hey why don't you guys go to dinner on a date and Calum can go with Abby and I'll go on a date with Harry!" I said

"great no objections were all set!" I said before anyone could object

So Ashley and Luke left so Calum was waiting on Abby (btw Abby is Calum's supposive girlfriend) and I was waiting for Harry.

But Calum with tricks came and next to me on the couch he started kissing my neck but that just brang back old memories. I shot up and started hiccuping I hiccup when I get nervous.

"Playing hard to get ha." Calum said

"If I get a hickie I swear I will murder you Calum." I said looking in the mirror when luckily the doorbell rang so Calum couldn't answer back.

He got up and exited then the doorbell rang again I went over and saw Harry.

So I am gonna change it so instead of her dad being Brad Pitt her dad is gonna be Luke's dad

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