Wherever you are? (Re-Editing)

I'm just a broken girl lost in this broken world who can't seem to escape. This a story about how Bella had to leave Calum the love of her life. But you know the saying 'if you love something then let it go but if it comes back to you it is truly yours' same situation here except Bella doesn't want to go through the world of misery anymore.


3. happen

Calum's POV

When I first walked into the store and asked the girl at the counter for help I was already thinking about Bella because for some reason everything that had the name Bella attracted me.

But when she looked up my heart broke she had the same face as Bella.

I kept seeing the old Bella and comparing her to this girl. She looked so similar to Bella except this girl had green eyes a lip ring and blond hair Bella has black hair and blue eyes.I asked some questions but only to find out it was Bella I found this out by her saying something I used to tell Bella to make her laugh. But I wasn't quite sure until I pulled up her sleeve and saw the tattoo me and her both got some time ago.

But when I saw it my heart shattered the girl I had loved so much the one that was insecure and was scared of everything the one who couldn't take the hate she was finally back again. I started sobbing in her chest while holding her in a hug.

She left to tell this guy something but when I looked over I saw my cousin Dylan I waved at him but then turned my attention back to Bella.

"We need to talk." I said

She nodded her head and then we went off to her house she had invited me to.

When I walked inside I saw some things that made my broken heart somewhat heal. I saw posters of my band all over the walls but she also had most of the pictures me and her took together in a frame and on the wall but when she realized what i was looking at she turned a dark shade of red.

She sat me down and said "so what do we need to talk about?"

"Us but more importantly why?"

Bella's POV

"Us but more importantly why?" He said

Why that was the word I knew I was going to be asked I hated it but he deserves the truth.

"I'm sorry Calum but I just couldn't take it anymore they were so full of hatred and just because they hate me doesn't mean they have to hate you so." I said

But He wouldn't let me stop there He could tell there was more and he knew I wasn't gonna give up so i just took out my phone was scrolling through Instagram and stopped tears filling my eyes and i stared and the screen "read them"was all I said

Calum's POV

I scrolled through the phone and felt so so idiotic how could I just let this happen to her all these things they said to her I thought she was just overreacting but I am such a dick wad I didn't even care.

By now she had taken her phone and sat there hugging her knees rocking back and forth but I couldn't stop admiring how beautiful she looked no matter how she changed she still had those adorable dimples and perfect smile I can't believe I let this happen to her.

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