Don't Trust Them

Fights, rumors, dead bodies, and homework.


1. Discoveries

           I walked through the front doors as I left the smell of Summer behind me. Everywhere, students were wearing their best clothes to get the year started. Me, well, I looked like I just climbed out of bed. Technically I did, but that's besides the point. 

 "Tyler!" My best friends yelled, as they rushed up to me.

 "Can you believe it?! We are almost finished with this dump. Just this year and next." Owen, one of my friends, cheered.

 Owen laughed and put his elbow on my shoulder.

 "Move your elbow or I will bite it off." I growled.

 "Damn." Luke, my other friend said.

 "Who pissed in your cereal this morning?" Owen asked.

 "Life." I said and walked to the tables.

 Luke put his fingers on the sides of my mouth and made me smile.

 "Are you sure it's a good idea to have your fingers so close to my mouth?"

 "I'm going to get a bagel. Are you coming, Tyler?" Owen asked.

 I glared at them.

 "Okay, let's go, Owen." Luke said and they went to the cafeteria. 

    I sat at a table and slammed my head on the wood.

  When Owen and Luke came back, they stared at me. My head was still on the table.

 "How was your Summer?" Owen asked.

   "It felt like Winter, like always." I sighed.

 We all looked outside to see snow on the ground.

 "I hate living here." Luke said.

  "I heard there's a new kid this year. Rumor has it he's a player." Owen said.

 I lifted my head up quickly.

 "Fuck, here we go again." Luke sighed.

 "If he goes near my sister, I will rip his head off and use it as a bowling ball." I growled.

  "Satan, calm down." Owen said.

 "Shut up." I said and put my head back on the table.

 "What does this new kid look like anyways?" Luke asked.

 Owen pulled up Facebook and showed us a picture. He had blonde hair, green eyes, and a smug look on his face.

 I pointed to the picture.

 "Watch your back, fucker." I said to the photo.

 "Savage." Owen smirked.

 The bell rang.

 "Time to die." Luke said and we walked down the hall.

 I kept looking around.

 "Tyler, there's no need to be pissed yet. If he talks to your sister, then you have permission to be pissed." Owen said.

 "Hehe a 'piss'-mission slip." Luke laughed.

  "Do you want to die?" I asked.

 "No, no, I'd like to enjoy my wordplay."

 "Good because nobody else is." I smirked.

 "Ooooh Burn!" Owen laughed.

 "You laugh at that but not 'piss'-mission slip? What the fuck man?" Luke growled.

 "First class is PE." I said, staring at my schedule.

 "Same here." Luke said.

 "Let's go fuck shit up." Owen said and followed us to the gym.

 "The only thing we are going to fuck up is our grade. I guarantee you." Luke said.

 When we got into the gym, people were standing around.

 I saw the new kid. Owen and Luke saw the worry build in my eyes.

 "Calm down, bro." Luke said.

 The teacher came out and told us all to grab a basketball.

  I grabbed one out of the bin and waited for Luke and Owen.

 "Okay, welcome to Physical Education. I will not tolerate laziness, bullying, and cheating."

 Everyone nodded.

 "For the first day, we have free shooting."

 All three of us ran to our own basket and started shooting.

 The new kid walked up to us and my eyes got wide with anger.

 "Hey, guys, I'm Ian. I was wondering if I could share the basket with you?"

 My face started getting red.

 "What's wrong?"

 "Him? Oh, nothing. He's already sweating. Let's go get some water, Tyler." Luke said and we walked away.

 When we got to the door, Luke stared at me.

 "Why are you so worked up? There are hundreds of players in the school, but you're worried that he, out of all people, is going to break your sister's heart. Why?"

 "I'm not worried. I know it's going to happen. He's going to break up with my sister at the park and tell her all about his hoe." I growled.

 "Do you know how crazy you sound? They haven't even met!" Luke said.

 "I know it's going to happen." I said and walked to another basket.

 "Tyler, you are so protective of your sister. Just leave her alone for now and if someone ends up breaking her heart, then you have permission to kill whoever did it."

 "Fine." I sighed and started shooting baskets.

 As we left class, I saw Ian talking to Molly.

 "Calm down, you don't know for sure." Luke said.

 I took a deep breath and walked away.

   I walked to my locker and Ian walked up to Owen, Luke and I. 

 "Hey, I have a crush on a girl..." Ian started.

 "WE'RE NOT YOUR FRIE-" I started but Luke covered my mouth.

 "Make nice-nice." He whispered.

 "What's her name?" Owen asked.


 I felt my eyes about to pop out of my head.

 "Anyways, do you think I have a shot?"

 "Sure." Owen said and Ian left.

 Luke still had his hand over my mouth and I bit him.

 "DUDE!" He shouted.

 "Trust me when I say I know it's going to happen." I growled, threw my hands up, and walked the other direction.

 "Do you have bail money?" Luke asked Owen as I stormed off.

 During lunch, Owen and Luke sat next to me.

 "Are you guys ready to believe me?" I growled.

 "Just calm down."

 "I know I sound crazy, okay? But I know exactly what is going to happen. Molly is already depressed and she's not very strong right now." I said.

 I saw them holding hands.

 "I'm going." I said and left the cafeteria.

 Ian walked behind me. 

 "Are you okay?" He asked.

 "Did you know Molly is my sister?" I asked.


 "Answer this question honestly. Do you have a hoe?"

 No comment.

 "I fucking knew it." I growled and walked away.

 He ran after me.

 "How the fuck did you know?"

 "I just did."

 "What's her name?" He smirked.

 I thought for a few minutes and then finally said, "Anna."

 His eyes got wide.

 "Okay, uh... will there be a pop quiz tomorrow over basic science?"


 "How do you know any of this?" He asked.

 "I'm going to finish my lunch." I growled and walked away.

 I ran to Owen and Luke.

 "He has a hoe. I fucking knew it." I said and ran to Molly.


 "Go away, Tyler. My boyfriend is coming back soon."

 "Molly, he's cheating on you." I said.

 She looked at me.

 "Yeah, right." She said and walked away.

 The next day, as I walked into Basic science, the teacher told us to take a seat for the pop quiz.

  I left the class and I felt someone drag me into the bathroom.

 I looked to see Ian.

 "Are you fucking kidding me?!"

 I pushed him but he pushed me on the floor.

 My back was against the wall.

  He stood in front of me and made a fist.

 "We both know what you can do, Tyler." He growled.

 He tried hitting me but I moved my head and he hit the wall.

 He fell on the floor in pain and I ran out.

 I ran down the hall to the lobby.

 Luke went up to me.

 "What's going on?" He asked.

 "Ian just tried attacking me." I said, breathing heavily.

 "I'll take care of him. Where is he?" Luke said, rolling up his sleeves.

 "Get back!" I said and pulled him out of the hallway.

 A few seconds later, Ian came running and skipped right past us.

 I grabbed his arm and ran to the library.

  I sat on a seat and caught my breath.

 "What just happened?" Luke asked.

 "I don't even know anymore."

  I ducked my head and a paper plane flew over my head from behind me.

 "How the... what the... Huh?"

 I grabbed the plane and opened it. 

 "'Proof.'" I said, reading the note aloud. 

 I looked around the room.

 "Who threw that?"

 "This has to be some kind of joke." I sighed.

 "How could any of this be a joke?"

  "I don't know. It just has to be. Maybe I'm just stressed because we're back in school. I'm going to try ignoring it." I said and left the library.

 Luke ran after me.

 "Tyler, this is crazy."

 "I know that."

 That night, as I slept, my mind was filled with blood. Blood trails were going all through school, and finally ending at the bathroom door. I screamed and fell back into bed. My whole body was sweating.

 The next morning, as I entered school, I saw a blood trail on the floor just like in my dream.

 I ran after it and Owen followed me, followed by Luke.

 "Tyler! What are you following?!" They shouted.

 "The blood! Can't you see it?!"

 "What blood?!"

 I ran into the bathroom to see blood drips on the wall next to the window.

 "Give me a boost." I said.

 "This is crazy!"

 "Just do it!"

 When I got up to the window, I saw a box covered in dirt right under the window.

 I grabbed the box and got back into the bathroom.

 "It's probably just some notes or something." Owen said.

 I slowly opened it to see a bloody knife. I screamed and dropped in on the floor.

 "You finally did it. You finally killed somebody." Owen gasped.

 "Do you see the blood now?!" I shouted.

 "Tyler! Cam down!" Owen shouted.

 Luke ran out screaming.

 "This can't be happening." I sighed.


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