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Spencer is a hitman. She gets hired by Rose Barrow to take revenge on Justin Bieber. Spencer doesn't need to kill him, but must break his heart in a million pieces while earning five thousand a month.


1. Chapter One: Surprise


"Andy, where the fuck are you? It's your turn to cook lazy-ass." I yell from upstairs.

"I ordered us some pizza." He says annoyed. A sigh leaves my lips. So lazy that brother of mine, can't even be bothered to cook a decent meal. I descend the stairs and enter the living room just as the bell rings.

"Open the door, you're still standing." Andy grins my way, piercing bleu eyes alight with sparks.

"I hate you." I mumble frustrated and walk towards the door. When I open it there is no delivery boy. Instead there is a grey-haired man. He has brown eyes that look intently into my honey colored ones.

"Good evening Miss Hale." He says friendly. Every hair on my body stands on end.

"How do you know my name?" I snap.

"I'm a private investigator. I was hired by Rose Barrow from Long Beach. She has chosen you to do a mission." He says quietly. He makes sure no one can overhear us. Long Beach? That's miles from here. What the fuck is happening.

"I don't do missions for private people. Only for the police." I hiss. The man holds a thick envelope in front of me.

"This is the advance payment." He says while extending the envelope to me. I take it carefully, not trusting this situation one bit. When I open it, my eyes grow wide. There is two thousand dollars.

"What the fuck?" I ask surprised.

"Can we please go inside Miss Hale? I don't want people overhearing this conversation if you know what I mean." The grey-haired man says. He has a worried expression on his face and I don't like it one bit.

"Yeah... come in." I say reluctantly. The envelope in my hand makes me want to know more. Andy and I need money desperately. Our parents are both dead and they didn't left us a lot. The only reason we can keep the house and survive is because I'm a hitman that kills criminals for the police.

We sit at the kitchen table and Andy joins us. The man doesn't seem to mind and neither do I. The man probably knows a lot about us. He is a private investigator after all.

"Your mission is not to kill but to break someone emotionally." The man begins to explain. My eyebrow raises into the air. Why would someone hire a hitman for that? It gets weirder by the second. "The target is a boy, Justin Bieber is his name. Rose Barrow has chosen you from a list of ten people. She thinks you are most capable of doing it." He continues and my eyes grow wide. That girl has probably a sea of money. Ten hitman equals ten private investigators and no cheap ones.

Andy looks excited, wanting to know more about this. Typical, he thinks missions are cool. He doesn't realize how dangerous missions can be, he only sees the money it provides. I bit my lip nervously.

"What does it pay?" I ask bluntly.

"Five thousand dollars a month." He says nonchalantly. Andy's bottom lip drops to floor and my eyes grow wide.

"That can't be true." I whisper flabbergasted.

"That's not all Miss Hale. You will get a villa to live in, you will have a place at Long Beach High and your food and clothes are also included." The private investigator concludes.

"Shit. That sounds like heaven." Andy says with wide eyes. "You should do it Spence."

"Andy, I will not let you alone." I snap at him.

"Why not? We are the same age you know." He says with rolling eyes.

"The only difference is that I act like an adult and you like a child." We look at each other angrily before we start laughing. The grey man looks at us with a cocked eyebrow before he starts to speak again.

"Sorry for the misunderstanding but you both can come." The man says, grinning a little.

"Okay, when do we leave?" Andy and I both ask.

"Right now."

Oh well, I guess the pizza delivery boy will have to eat the pizzas himself.


(A/N): Hello, I am a Belgium writer and I hope you will enjoy this story.

Every Sunday I will post a chapter. Please vote and comment if you like it, it means the world to me. ^^

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