The earth around me~

The person who inspired me to make my first ever poetry book was Umulius! Umulius made this amazing poetry called "A bouquet of blue for you" it's so beautiful and I recommend it to you guys!


3. The colors~

The colors~

As the leaves turn different colors,

It's the perfect time for true lover's,

The trees show true life,

Then day turned to night,

The leaves flew back and forth,

As the birds went north,

We jumped into a pile of leaves,

And then I knew you where the key,

I knew when fall was coming,,

I could never stop humming,

I finally knew we where ment to be,

And that this love would never leave,

This forest showed us a path,

The path to love and laugh,

The trees showed us peace,

So we lay in the leaves,

True love is our path,

And I know this love will last~


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