Forgetting Is The Hardest Part

What word do you use for love, are you like the German and say lufu or like the french and say Amour. Everyone has their own way to say love, my way to say love isn't a word like Lufu or Amour or even Love..... its a name Lilly. I've been in love with her since 7th grade and this is our story.


1. Introduction

​You know how people think you did something different that they don't understand.

Like loving someone who hurt you, i hurt Lilly. 

she still loved me i don't understand why but she did.

I loved her for fact i still love her nothing will change besides that she found someone better.

I am writing this story about My lover, She's my life.

I want you to know there is true love in all forms, and different languages.  

Your true love could be white black asian, when your old or, young, a girl, a guy. theres true love everywhere butterflies, dogs, cats, humans, Aliens.

This story is like a roller coster it goes up and down and all around. 

So sit down and enjoy the ride. 

This is the story of how Lilly Ann Brooke stole my heart and it won't change.

From that first time I walked you home from school, Til you stole my heart underneath that August moon. 

It was always you, it was always you. Now it hurts to see your pretty smile fade.

But forgetting, forgetting is the hardest part.


//Forgetting Is The Hardest Part//


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