the midnight kiss

a girl who falls inlove or trys too


1. midnight kiss

Once upon a time there was a girl who just move out of her parents house. She never had time to talk to anyone cause no one really like her she was very shy person not many people like shy people but this girl was getting out of her shell and trying to social with people who have interest in her. When she was little her father use to scare her bout monsters under her bed and made friends with them even though they're weren't real but she always thought it was cute to have friends with monsters. She stop and think bout all the memory with her parents and monster friends it was fun to think bout them when she was little. Sometimes at night she thought if there would be a boy in her life would kiss her at midnight and that would be her day she wouldn't worry bout anything else beside him kissing her all night till it started raining on a Friday night.

At some reason she thought the wish would come true or not. She never thought it would be a day to think bout how lovely it would be to meet people who had interest in her the way she was with the things she said to her self. although it might be tough to see it her in her eyes but she gets to open up but it seems hard to open up to anything she says. She thought of ways to show how living her life was so easier then someone else"s. but it wasn't like that with her she had to do everything right never got messy with things in her own little world she had to do everything positive in her cause her parents wanted her to have things that she accomplish in her life and she had to earn them by doing good in what she did in her career or job.

She work through out her School year she was a waiter at Danvers. she said it was a lot of work becoming something you really want to be and trying to be happy about it even though she wasn't really happy when she had to get a job at age 16 at that time but she grew out of that stage she's all grown up now and she has her own place now . It's small that's all she afford at the moment cause she spent most of her pay check the things she needed in little apartment she is living in. She was little poor she only had few dollars in her wallet but she'll put it in her piggy bank on her dresser. She had to go look on her computer to find jobs that pays well cause her apartment has to get pay every month and it was cheap that's all she could afford was a cheap apartment.

She never had any pets and even she had one she wouldn't have any room for it cause her apartment was so small that only one person could live in it n that was her she said maybe one day when she has a family of her own she'll adopt a pet but for now she has to find a good payable job n save up. So she found a couple jobs she likes n she call if there was open or they were hiring or not but none of them were hiring so she had to wait couple of days until she could find the right job for her self. Her parents wants her to come visit but she made excuse to come down and She had work even though she didn't and she was the only child she never had any other siblings she thought it would be cool to have a brother or a sister but her parents thought one is enough.

They always say kids cost money but she thought it would be cute to have a couple of her own with her midnight kiss and if she ever get that far or not. She found a job opening not far from she lives and she ask if she could have a extra pay and the manager said we will see bout that and she smiled little and she ask when can she can start and the manager said Monday here's a coupon for local diner up the street you could use it looks like you haven't been eaten for days and she said thank you for your right I haven't been eaten I been poor and couldn't afford a meal. Her manager was very generous with her he said I will join you he said it time for dinner they have a special going on you can get coupons in newspapers when they come to your home. You have to cut them out of course it saves you a lot and you don't have to cook to much either.

So she went to get with her nice and kind manager and he was saying if you do good in working I'll see about you getting a promotion and getting more money in your pay check. She never had a nice job and a kind manager before all of her others were mean and uptight like they want everything to be right and neat. She hasn't complain bout anything with her work she cones in on time does her work and goes to that local diner up the street and she goes home do little laundry and watch tv and before bed time she goes out on her balcony and look out into the sky and imagine how lucky she is and she look down and saw a boy standing there looking up to her and ask if he could use her telephone and she said come up to my apartment and I will let you use my telephone. The boy was really tall and slender had dark brown hair and green eyes even though she said Brown eyes were like a bag of chocolates and he was kinda of shy at first and the moment they started eye to eye she said do I know you somewhere and the boy said I don't think so I think you know someone else. She said maybe but did you go to eastern high school ? the boy said no I never went to school I was home school for awhile and went to college just got finish few months ago so she let him use her telephone and when the boy got done he said thank you for letting me borrow it , it was very nice of you to let me use it.

She glance at him and said welcome. The boy said I will see you around right ? she said maybe indeed and she follow him back down and wave at him and then she went back to her apartment and lay down on her couch and said that was a experience for her. She never expect that was really happen to her like it did she was thinking bout if she could meet him again maybe go for a cup a coffee or out for pie at the diner where she works at maybe he will like that and she was day dreaming and feel asleep on the couch and she lost out of her mind she was almost late for work but she got there on time and she did some extra work and more and the time it was going home she stop at a bakery and ask if they were selling pies there and the bakery man said yes we are selling few pies if you have done coupons you can get a discount and you don't have to pay more so she had few in her purse and said I will take the pear pie and the Apple pie one and the bakery man said that be six dollars but she gave the bakery man two coupons it saves slot I think she uses a lot of coupons then cooking at home.

After awhile she wanted to do something special for her manager and the boy she met but she don't know where her manager lives so she left the Apple pie in a little box put holes on top then left it on her manager desk then after work she went to the library and ask if she could fine a address for someone she met and then she went in a taxis and went to the boy little home and then left the pear pie on a little table and left a note saying : Thank you for dropping by here's a pear pie I bought for you at the bakery and hope you enjoy it. Sincerely yours the girl you borrow a phone to.  When she got home she found two thankyou notes saying it was nice of you to do such things to someone who cares bout me.  I am having a get to gether at my home saturday afternoon you are welcome to come and bring your bathen suit with you cause its like a pool/get to gether thing, to meet up with all my co workers its two till eight if you have any plans, let me know ahead of time so that way i will check mark you off my list.  She thought it was nice to get mail from people she knew about.  she thought some how people were trying to tell her something, she thought of a way to express her self to others, wondering if she they will like her as friends, maybe she can invited the boy she met few days ago or maybe its just a get to gether theme where you meet new people and swim n mingle with other co workers. 

Somtimes she felt lonely and sometimes she thought of many ways to meet new people round the town she lives in, she wasnt at home much she was pretty much out on week days still going to that local diner and talking to new people everyday, looking forward to meeting them and talking to them and sharing her thoughts with them, She was now a social butterfly wasnt so shy but she came out of her shyness and her shell, she was letting people know that she was a hard self worker and she does everything right and neat,  She as a person was thankfull of the things that her parents did for her as though they weren't really concern about her she did her own thing and they did there's.  she never had to spend time with her mom cause she always works, the time her father came home from work it was bed time for her.  She never felt so delightful as she is now, As she picture her self with new people round the town, she made a scrapbook with all the people she met through out her life and look back on it another ten years.  Its so lovely to meet new people in the world she says, she was saying to her self i wish i could;d of know better then being so shy all the time but she said she couldnt help that problem cause was really shy back then, she didnt know what to say at first. she didnt know how to speak and what to ask to people. 

She never had any real friends, only monster friends that hide under her bed. she goes to the bakery alot to get sells of cakes n pies n muffins and other deserts and give them to her friends or co workers to let them know that she's not the only person who cares about them, of course she gets little gifts at her door step and big basket of goodies but even though she is a hard self worker she is very happy in what she does in her life.  she never felt so great in her life, her mom use to tell her things will go well in your life and some things will go wrong but it dont mean everything will go wrong in life, it just that you gotta look into your heart and tell your self that your gonna do this right and do it the right way in life then you'll know that everything will work it way up to the top and you dont have to worried bout it anymore, you can say to your self i did it and you made it through and she was happy that she bonded with her mom, as much as her father likes to scare her alot but she got out of that stage and got to know little bout her parents life and ask them why they never had anymore kids and her father never told her bout it and even her mother didnt tell her, she guess cause of the money cause having lots of kids cost money and she wants to have a family of her own one day and maybe a pet or two. she would be very happy and a proud mom and grandmother one day. 

She stop and stare into the window, she thought it was the cutiest thing ever, she walk in the store and said how much is this outfit, The woman said whats your size ?  she said 4 or 6 and the woman said i think we have the size you want, try it out and see if it fits you, she said oh i was just looking at it. The woman said oh okay you can try it on some other time, are you just here to browse and the girl said yes i am thats okay with you? the woman said sure you can browse all you want as long as you buy something, the girl said well dont have that much money and the woman said well how bout tell me how much you have and we can make a deal ? the girl said okay but i tell you its not much, i mean i spend after of my pay check on things i did in my lil home. half of it goes into a account in the bank the other half is bills and other things that concerns to the home she lives in. The woman said 40 dollars would be enough to buy a outfit and some shoes. the girl said well i only have 30 so i dont think i could afford the payments to buy the outfit or the shoes. the woman said well i tell you what, you give me the 30 and i make it as a deal how bout that? the girl said no i couldnt do that to you that wouldnt be fair.  The woman said its okay i had others not paying the amount they owe me so please take it free of charge. 

The girl said thank you but i will come back to your store and buy the shoes when i have more money and the woman said no need, when you come in, il have them ready for you so you can pick them up on your way home.  the girl said okay thanks but you can ship them to my home if you like or i could just come by tomorrow and get them on the way to the diner.  The woman said i go there offer but i have two kids to feed and a lazy bump husband who cant get a real job and help me so the woman said she doing all the work and she never have any free time only free time she has is on weekrnds to spend time with her children.  the girl said well here's a couple of coupons go celebrate with your chilren, and here's a business card for your husband and tell him to call this number and hell get a job as soon as possible then you dont have to worried bout him being lazy all the time. the woman said thank you so much, your such a kind person, the woman said i never met generous people before there always rude and mean to me and never given me the right amout of money always stealing from me she said she had to close down for a bit cause she didnt have enough money to own her little store, but her husband got a loan so little by little she has to pay the bank back the money.  

The girl said thats awful she said she couldn't imagine her self like that.  she said one day shell have a family of her own one day. the woman just smile, the woman said i hope you make it that far it was tough for her she said. the girl said do you have a name? the woman said yes i do but i dont give it out much many people have screw me over like i wasn't even born. the girl said i am so sorry to hear about that, i wouldn't do such thing, my parents use to tell me dont do bad things towards the right kind of people they might do something back to you that you wont reget in your life, the woman said your parents are right on that but the woman said you seem really nice so you'll be my new friend maybe we can get to gether some time if you like. The girl said are you invited to this get to gether / pool theme on saturday? the woman said no i was going to take my kids to see a movie and out for ice cream but thanks for the offer though maybe next time ? the girl said okay well meet a again.  So the girl went out the door and headed home it was like 3 block away and she wristle a taxis and the taxis driver said where you aheaded darling? the girl said twenyfourth street, the taxis driver said i will take you there, the girl said thank you. 

So the taxis driver drop her off and she said how much do i owe you? the taxis driver said no charge you are young woman deserves to get free rides. she said thank you so much, whats your name? the taxis driver said eddy, i am at your service.   The taxis driver said you call the number and I will come and get you so you can go to the places you go to.  The girl was confuse on how the taxis driver was trying to hit on her or somthing but she thought he was but wasn't;  As soon she got out the door she saw the boy again, and he said thank you so much for the pie, would you like to for a coffee? the girl said I just got home and I am really tired and I have to wake up early, the boy said please it be my honor and his treat to take her out, I even have my own coffee place its down the street, she was saying who you have your own business? The boy said yes i do i mean its not much he says.  Its little something to start out from and so he said it be short coffee break from what he was doing in his life. She ask what kind of job do you do? The boy said well i will tell you if you come for a coffee break. The girl said okay I will come for a little while. 

The boy was very quiet at first. He didnt know what to ask her at first, and she was standing out in the rain and saying well are we going to your coffee place or what? The boy suddenly made a move to her and got really close to her and gave her a little midnight kiss on her soft pink lips.  And the girl close her eyes and let him kiss her, She was saying is this for real is he really kissing me at midnight ? the boy said you really one of the kind, would you like to be my partner and girlfriend ? The girl said isn't like late for that ? the boy said no. He said everyone needs somone in there life so I thought of you the day we met and he said he still has, Id been wanted to kiss you since forever and the girl said well Id been thinking bout you too so she said sure why not I will be your partner and girlfriend but promise not to break my heart? the boy said never will. he said he dont break dates up and move on. He said he will never break a promise ever he said he dont belive in leaving someone who is so beautiful like you are.  The girl just blush and smile like this out of the blue, she thiniking is this really happen to her she feel inlove with a boy she met on her balcony the first day they met and now shes in love with him and the boy is inlove with her.  She said life is so short these days the boy said yes it is. So the girl lived with the boy upstairs and she told her rent guy where she live that she is not going to live there anymore.  She said that she has somewhere else to live.  She pay the rest of the month to the rent guy and said your welcome, out of the blue the rent guy comes meet the people who lives inside of his apartment to see how they are doing, he was very nice and kind, he was never mean or rude to people. he always know what to say to people if there sad or lonely always have a place to live even though it was small it didnt cost as much as other apartments does.  The rent guy said would I ever see you again? the girl said probably, the rent guy said okay, thanks for the coupon he said. 

The girl said your very welcome i will drop off more every other day to see how you are doing. The rent guy was smiling, he never had anyone nicer as he was. The girl said thank you for letting me stay in this lil home of yours it was small it wasnt much she could afford but it work for her for little while. So the girl went back to the boy little cofffee shop and his apartment was upstairs and put her things away and the boy was downstairs making coffee for people who loves to drink coffee and he made a special coffee for lovers and friends it was a discount he made up last night when he met his midnight kisser.  its ten percent off if you come and get it when its warm.  Everyone wanted to meet the midnight kisser, but the boy didnt want to share her off to people, he will keep her as a friend for now till someone notice them they were together when they met.  The girl said well i am off to work honey, I will see you later.  The boy here's a cup of hot and warm hot chocolate becareful when you go out . The girl said she will.  Later in the day she was sitting at her desk and her co workers were saying why you so dreamy ? the girl said oh nothing i was pictureing myself inlove and her co workers said anyone would love to be your date or future wife one day.  She smile and blush, she had to do some paper work, she had to run some erins for her boss then head back to her work pick up some of boxes so she could mail them off. then she went on her break and then it was lunch time she stay at her work n work so much even did over time n her boss was really likeing her she did so much , her boss slip in her office and said, why you working so late? the girl said well i want to do so much for you and others.  her boss said well that was very nice of you, but its late you should go home and get some reason, and tomrrow is saturday and do something fun. 

The girl said i will when i get done with this paper.  her boss said okay, i will tell the guard that your staying in for a little while he will come up and check on you once and while.  she said okay. but i am bout done he dont need to do that, her boss said he will do it anyways like he been doing it the last 30 years. she said okay.  The guard came up and see her and she was bout to shut off the light and said hi to the guard and the guard attack her and said be quiet.  He said dont you move, I have a gun in my pocket. , so she was trying to be quiet and he attack her put rope over her arms and tape her mouth so she couldn't scream and he put her in backseat of her car, the next couple of days pass.  it was a normal day and the boy was waitting for his girlfriend to come home and never show up. he call the cops and there was little blood at her desk where she works. it said a little message saying dont come looking for your gilfriend or i will kill her in a heart beat.  the boy was very depress never got the chance to get to know his own gilfriend, years pass, no one knew what happen to the boy gilfriend, later in his life he had to move on and fine someone else to be with, but he promise his gilfriend he wouldnt leave, but he had to he didnt want to feel so sad like he was, the quard still work at the place he met the girll, the girl was in a barrel cover with water so basically what he did is rape her then beat on her and then drown her in a pool put her in a barrel and burried her somehwere no one could fine her and it sounded like girl never wanted that to happen to her but it did, people were search for her no one could.   they ask everyone where could she be. the boy said to the cops if you cant find her then its fine.  At least you try right? 

The cop said yes at least we tried to find her.  Many years later, the guard was charger for murder and he told the judge he wasnt quilted and the judge said you are charge for murder a young woman who was so nice to people and she even had a midnight kisser who was waitting for her to come home that night of november 4, 1952. the guard said I dont know what your talking about, I never did such things,  the cops found finger prints that you did.  The guard said maybe i did do it only cause he said he didnt like the way she act.  the judge said she was doing her own business she didnt want somone like you to hurt her like you did. the judge sentence him for life, so the guard was in jail the rest of his life he never had any visiters except the midnight kiss boyfriend who was saying mean things to the guard saying how could you ? why did you do that to her, she never hurt anyone, she was a nice and sweet young woman i was bout to ask her to be my wife but you decide to kill her for no reason, the guard said well to late now, you cant do anything about it can you? the midnight kiss boyfriend said no i cant, I cant even say my last 3 words to her,  the guard just smile, the midnight kiss boyfriend take that grin off your face I never in my life met somone like you. the guard said oh well things happen for a reason, cant really fix it.  you got to move on in life like people do.  the midnight kiss boyfriend said guess you are right he should move, he slap the guard in the face and said i hate you so much, you said you would wait you never did. you did it your way, the guard said you never told me to wait , if we could do it together, so the midnight kiss boyfriend was in it too not just the guard, so the midnight kiss told the judge i was part of it too. so the guard and the midnight kiss was in jail forever.  they never had anyone to visit them. 

No one knew the girl real name.  She never forgotten in this little town she lived in. She will be miss by people who did good in her.  Her friends and family are very sad that they lost there daughter and best friend cause of what happen on november 4 1952.  she will will be forgotten and she will be remembered forever and ever.

the end

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