Ghost Squad

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1. the story

Ghost Squad
Three High School boy's thinks there so bad to pick on other's kids.  And Bulling them. They
say high school kids are better then nothing.  but the other's kids say your just saying that
cause you want people to belive you.  when we know that your just a chicken.  When Em
brother and his friends were picking on some kid at the football field, saying that hes fat
and he needs to lose weight and bulling on him. when his other friends got there and said 
leave him alone. pick on your own side.  Em brother said like who you? 
the boy said yea.  em brother said what's on your mind lil chick. he said nothing. em brother 
said that's what i thought you you big baby.  His friend alex said lets go , we don't have
to mess with these loser's.   em brother what a day, his friends laugh, he kept picking on
the three boys like they were going at it.  em said you don't have to do what he say's
the boy said its okay em i want to prove him wrong.  his friend said what did you get
us in.  em brother said i dare you spend the night in the haunted house on halloween
night.  em said thats not cool. that place is haunted by three gangster's and no one has
been in it for 100 years for now.  his friend said im not going in there you kidding me
right, em brother said no.  do it or i tell the whole school that your madly in love with my
sis em. the boy said fine one condition, em brother said whats that short stuff, stop calling
us names n leave us alone deal ? em brother is whatever you say. 
So night night when the boy friends came over they talk bout what they are bringing
and how are they going do this dare thing.  there's no turning back his friend alex said
no one is going to make us do this.  we cant back out now. we already said we are going
to do this.  lets get this started already,  his other friend said how we are going to tell our
parents what we are doing? lets say we are spending the night with each other house's
then they will never know what we are doing.  
So the boy dad said your doing something else instead of doing what you are doing, he 
promise his dad he would help him with the car.  the next day came, the boys meant up with
em brother and his two friends,  em brother said i didnt know you would make it in time
i said six o clock. we are here aren't we lets get this party started wont we. 
so the three boy headed up the haunted house where the three gangster's lived in
it was all shack up with boards and no one has been in this house for 100 years and it was 
haunted.  his friend alex said i hate getting involve doing something then you can't back
away from it.  hes best friend said hey its better getting pick on and bullying all the time 
right? alex said yes but i still dont like this idea of your's.   so the boy climb over the wire
fence and his two best friend climb over as well. they headed up to the house then the front
door was lock. so the side of the house there was a hole with wooden bricks on it. the boy
said we are doing this, we aren't chicken out.  there's no turning back now.  the three
boys got inside the house. they were in the basement, the other boy said get off of me, he 
said he was trying then they turn on a flash light and see where they were going, the
boy said i dont like it down here let's go some where else.  so they saw some steps where's 
there's a door then they open the door then they follow there best friend up the stair's. 
the other boy said can we go home i don't like it here, the other kid said no, im turning
this deal down.  I want to prove em brother we aren't chicken's we can do this.  be a man
stop acting like your scarey a cat. 
when it got dark enough they were looking for a room to stay in but first they look round
the house.  they even saw the back door was open so they went outside in the back yard 
and saw that there's a pretty view out there but it got darker, so they went back inside
and went in the room they will stay in the night.  one kid said i brought games and video
games and alex said i bought the food n drinks n desserts and the other one bought flash 
lights and batteries just incase they need them.   they got hungry so they ate there dinner
then talk and read some comic book's. that's what they were into is video games and comic
books and of course pretty girls like Em.  Em had a brother thats all she had, always picking
on little kids showing who's boss.  telling them that if they don't do what he says hell tell
on them.  no one gets in em brother way even if you were someone else.  when it comes
to em she doesnt really pick on people shes more of a butterfly kind of gal.  doing girly
things with her best friend who been friends since kindergarden they do everything to
gether. and she wishes that she had lil sis but best friends are better then anything. 
so the three boys were about to go to sleep suddenly they heard something outside
the door where they were sleeping at.  alex said what was that? the boy said I don't know
lets go check it out, the other boy said lets not.  I don't creepy old houses,  they heard
it again, its just the wind blowing out the window,  they were some gun shots like real
one's the two boys were saying i want to get out of this place its really creeping me out
his best friend said stop being a baby like i said it just the wind blowing out the window
they went inside another room and pull a dresser behind the door and the middle boy
said i saw something moving, the other boys said stop that I don't see anything beside
a old wooden chair with a sheet over it.  its probably one of em brother booty tramps
to get us scare or something knowing him he probably has a lot of booty tramps in this 
house knowing that if we find them its nothing really.  lets go find them so they went and
every room they found hidden camera's everywhere.  even a moving ghost that look like
a ghost.  when they saw red eyes it was looking at them, alex said i wanna go home 
the other boy said what time is it? does anyone have a watch on? the boy said i didn't bring 
one its probably 5 and the morning or something.  when the red eyes stare at the three boys
didn't know what that thing was, it look so creepy that they thought that it was going to
eat them but it didn't.  when they ran out the door, the red eyes caught alex and the red
eyes drag alex leg and alex said help and the other two boys were saying alex where are 
you? alex said up here, the boy said can you move? alex said no I cant.  the other boy
said okay well think of something to get you out of there.  alex said okay hurry please
I don't like it in here its really scarey looking, the boy said we need to make a plan up
so we can get alex out of the room.  the other said why don't you dress up as a animal
and start acting like one and run in there holla like you normal do when someone
attacks you? the boy said why do i have to do that? cause your brave enough do it. 
while you do that il get alex.  so the other boy dress up as a animal and ran into the
room holla then the other boy caught alex then the boy got caught by the red eyes
the boy was standing up said sit down and reach his hand out very slowly then the red 
eyes started barking really loudly, alex said to his other friend you think his okay? the
other boy said how do i know so they both peek inside the room and saw there best
friend standing up against the wall and trying to tell the red eyes to sit down, it did. 
then the boy gently put his hand down to pet the red eyes then it went away, alex
said are you okay? his best friend said yes lets get out of here, so they all went out
side the back door and ran up the steps outside the house it was day light like almost
morning time, alex said i need my jacket. i am going back for it. hes best friend
said why do you need it? alex said it was my brother, if i have it on i know his safe.
so alex went back to the house and both his best friends said wait alex we are
coming with you.  so they went inside the house to look for alex brother jacket
it wasn't in the room they check everywhere still wasn't there, when the boy 
feel down the stairs he saw alex jacket and saw a core on the floor, it was all
em brother booty tramps.  alex told his best friend it was morning time, then when
they open the front door they saw that the boy dad was there, someone must'd
told his dad where he was going, but he got busted anyways and grounded for
a month cause he lie where he was going but till now, he told his dad hell walk
home and saw the red eyes again but it wasn't that, it was just a dog who was living
there he must'd didn't have any friends there probably starving no one to love him so the boy 
took him in. then the boy meant up with em brother,  well i see you didn't chicken out 
and said catch you later.  his other friend said that was nice of him he must know that we
aren't chickens after all we prove him wrong by staying in a hauted house on halloween night
we fool him didn't we? they were happy they did the dare. maybe they should dare them do 
it too. it would be fair. maybe if they were older enough they will dare some other kids to do
it but till now.  the boy saw em brother, em best friend said we all know that you like my 
best friend, she likes you too.  so say it so we can go home.  so alex and his other friend was
walking in front, while em said i cant belive you did that, were you scare? the boy said
at first i was but i didn't want to be pick on anymore or bullying anymore by your dumb 
brother who thinks he know's it all when he doesn't. em said he always does that cause he
thinks his the king, the boy said hes so dumb, not only his dumb his friends are dumber to
know that he is, so the boy grab em hand they walk home together. 
The End 


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