Everyone has certain vibes and feelings to them. Hopefully, you reading these poems with give you that feeling of not being alone. I want to grab your attention and be in relation in anyway i can.


1. Vibes pt.1

Let me feed your mind with my soul.

Let me open up and tell you things i haven't told you.

You're the one i've been yearning for. Your words, so powerful.

Got me stripping,

My insecurities sliding off my waist, the negativity dropping down to the floor.

There's more to me that you will adore, come inside and leave your troubles at the door.

I want you to share your thoughts with me. Don't be scared to, open up to me.

I, have so much to me than a nice ass, thin waist and a pretty face.

My mind, the sexiest thing there is on me. 

First, feel your way.. I will guide you to my sweet spots.

Let me take you down the curves, past my rough spots. Be patient, for i am difficult.

I'm not easy.

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