Everyone has certain vibes and feelings to them. Hopefully, you reading these poems with give you that feeling of not being alone. I want to grab your attention and be in relation in anyway i can.


2. Jokes

Funny how your eyes glistened and i trusted you.

Funny how i fell into that smile, led me to believe you weren't like the rest but you

Made it funny because you actually thought i would listen to you.

It's hilarious cause the words you spoke were so repetitive, like a broken record you continued and continued and continued to let the words slip from your lips 

But i bet you "didn't know" maybe.. you weren't "even aware"

Or maybe, just maybe you just didn't want to believe the

Constant pain and reminder of your past

You hold onto something so shallow, leaving you empty but still wanting to hold on to

That little bit of hope, of them being that one piece that will change it all

I bet if you guys talk, they wouldn't listen

I bet if you fall, They'd walk right past you


Then you cry for loyalty when you were running into the same bush of thorns that hurt you.

Then they call it love.. Lol, Jokes.

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