All the Little Children Need to Come Home

After a sudden death of a son, he and his mom tell their story as they both adjust to the new surroundings and come to terms with his loss. In Heaven, though, he is encouraged to tell and show his family to other children so they can see that families can be safe, parents can be loving. One little angel, Haley, becomes so entranced with his mom, that she decides to leave Heaven and show up at the mother's front door. Little by little, all the children who have been listening to the stories about his childhood, family and friends, want to leave as well. The world is confused and perplexed by the suddeness of all these little children showing up on doorsteps, or in supermarkets, or a churches, around the town of Woodridge Lake to claim a good and loving family. Michael, the angel who guides all the newly arrived souls, has a dilemma. So the young man has to go to the town and bring them back without his mom seeing him. He gets help from a variety of angels, in Heaven and on Earth.


1. Prologue: Into the Blue

 Whisperings among the wind signaled the coming changes. Little footsteps clamored daintily above the clouds in the nighttime sky. Nervous giggles and the flapping of excited wings alerted the Elders. The little ones were running towards the edge of the darkened clouds. They jostled among themselves to see below and delighted in seeing fireflies dancing in the mist. Their joy to welcome the One who was about to come was innocent and real. Their own time on earth had been brief' Someone was going to join them, that's all they knew. For the little angels, this was a Heavenly place where everyone laughed and played and LOVE was the only word whispered in their ears.

But there were melancholy whisperings within the wind as well. Those who had lived well beyond the years of the little ones knew the heartbreak that was coming for the ones left behind. These were The Elders, whose job it would be to protect, comfort and encourage the healing for those left behind on earth.

There would be shock and anger, denial and questioning of faith. Before acceptance, many would go to the abyss of the heart, completely prepared to jump into the absolute comfort of nothing. The elders would be there if they were needed to help them step into a new future, without their beloved by their side. It would be a difficult time, but the elders were prepared. They remembered for themselves while they were still on earth, and were prepared as best they could.

So, the wind wept quietly as the anticipation of the little ones blended with the sadness of the elders. The dawn was blinking through the heavens and it was only a matter of moments before the new one would come, and shatter the hearts and lives of those still left behind.


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