Devil's Little Girl

My name is Lilith Jezebel aka Lili and I am thirteen years old and yes my dad is lord of darkness, Lucifer, the devil however you want to call him. And I am his actual daughter, blood test proven. Hell is a bore for me, there is no one to play or to talk to other then century year old demons. So I decided to speak up to my father and tell him to send me to earth. I mean if I lived 13 years in hell, I am pretty sure I can live on earth. NOTE: Before I start this story I want to clear up something. I know the tittle of the book is a little strong religiously, but keep in mind that this is just a book and it has no intentions to make fun of your religion. Please avoid leaving religious comments or anything. This is just for entertainment, this is a comedy, nothing serious. Please if you are a strong believer and feel like religious stuff can hurt you or bother you, please do not read.


2. Characters

Here are a few characters you will be seeing in the first few chapters, as I go on i will include more characters that will go on throughout the story. Please if you like the first chapter leave a like so i can know. Thank you. Stay close chapter one is coming   


Loren Beech as Lilith (Lili) Jezebel


Mark Thomas as Jacob Satori


Danielle Cohn as Layla Cosgrove


Eddie Redmayne as Arch-demon Malphas (Uncle Frank)


Juwany Roman as Ash Clayey


Jane Lynch as Ms. Green 


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