Devil's Little Girl

My name is Lilith Jezebel aka Lili and I am thirteen years old and yes my dad is lord of darkness, Lucifer, the devil however you want to call him. And I am his actual daughter, blood test proven. Hell is a bore for me, there is no one to play or to talk to other then century year old demons. So I decided to speak up to my father and tell him to send me to earth. I mean if I lived 13 years in hell, I am pretty sure I can live on earth.

Before I start this story I want to clear up something. I know the tittle of the book is a little strong religiously, but keep in mind that this is just a book and it has no intentions to make fun of your religion. Please avoid leaving religious comments or anything. This is just for entertainment, this is a comedy, nothing serious. Please if you are a strong believer and feel like religious stuff can hurt you or bother you, please do not read.


21. Chapter 19- Angel Encounter


Chapter 19 – angel encounter

[Layla, Jacob and Lili at Lili’s house decorated for a party]

-“so…like don’t you think we need a party music?” Jacob says

-“Jacob” Layla says 

-“please, please, please let me be the DJ…” Jacob said

-“no need for a DJ, we have spotify! Welcome to the twenty first century ” Layla said

-“c’mon, it’s Lili’s party…if she wants a DJ she gets a DJ”

-“she doesn’t want a DJ”

-“why don’t we ask her?”

They both look at Lili. Lili looks at both of them oblivious of why they are fighting as she eats a chocolate ice cream. Lili looks at both of them as she licks her ice cream.

-“mhm” Lili says oblivious of what she is answering

-“she said mhm” Jacob said

-“that’s because she doesn’t even know what we are talking about” Layla said

-“what in the world is all this?” Malphas says walking in the house –“it looks like a thousand of unicorns threw up in our living room”

-“unicorns?” Jacob asks confused

-“everything is decorated!” Malphas says

-“that’s what you do when you have a party” Layla said

-“why are you so quiet?” Malphas says looking at Lili lick her ice cream

-“she has been since she bought that ice cream” Layla says

-“I bought it for her!” Jacob said

-“she has been licking it none stop, like she has never had an ice cream in her life” Layla said

-“or something cold before” Malphas said almost whispering

-“what was that?” Layla asked

-“nothing…I just don’t understand if the birthday is tomorrow why you are decorating today?”

-“win time…” Layla said

Lili nods as she licks her chocolate ice cream

[Night time]

Lili sleeping on her bed. A bright light shines on her waking her up. As she opens her eyes she notices that she is not laying on her bed but standing up in a white space. It’s difficult to tell how long she has been there for. Her mind feels empty, nothing passes through her head as she just stood there. Lili quickly glances around, surveying her surroundings. She slowly takes a step forward. At first she stumbles a bit, nearing falling over but quickly catches herself. The area seem to be completely empty. She starts feeling cold, so cold she can see her own breath. Pain suddenly shots through her skull like a bullet. Grabs her head and squeezes her eyes shut. She steps back and stumbles to the floor. Suddenly the pain disappears.

-“Lili” she heard someone say through the eco

Lili still on the floor looks up trying to find out the direction the eco came from. Sees a figure in a distance.

-“dad?” she asked

The human figure then slowly stretches his wings. They were big, white and they looked as feathers. Lili looks confused at the human figure. Even though she can’t see his face she felt how his eyes made direct contact with her. She manages to stand up.

-“who are you?” Lili asked

She gets no response

-“hey! Are you deaf? Who you are?”

She still gets no response

-“answer me!” Lili screams

-“I…” the figure disappears and appears behind Lili –“am your worst nightmare”

Lili rapidly turns around but the figure disappear once again

-“you thought your dad was evil?” the figure reappears at his initial position

Lili rapidly turns back again

 –“you are about to meet your fathers worse nightmare”

Lili wakes up with a jump and catching as much air she can fit in her longs, along with the sweat dripping leaving her pillow soaked.  

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