Devil's Little Girl

My name is Lilith Jezebel aka Lili and I am thirteen years old and yes my dad is lord of darkness, Lucifer, the devil however you want to call him. And I am his actual daughter, blood test proven. Hell is a bore for me, there is no one to play or to talk to other then century year old demons. So I decided to speak up to my father and tell him to send me to earth. I mean if I lived 13 years in hell, I am pretty sure I can live on earth. NOTE: Before I start this story I want to clear up something. I know the tittle of the book is a little strong religiously, but keep in mind that this is just a book and it has no intentions to make fun of your religion. Please avoid leaving religious comments or anything. This is just for entertainment, this is a comedy, nothing serious. Please if you are a strong believer and feel like religious stuff can hurt you or bother you, please do not read.


3. Chapter 1- prologue

[Girl stands in front of a school watches a bunch of kids walking in] 

Girl sighs and walks in. she walks through the hall. Bell rings and the hall starts flowing with students like a rapid river flow pushing the girl on their way.

-“hey! Stop! What the hell! Stop! Hey!” the girl screams as she is being pushed by the multitude of teens rushing to their class.

After pushing through, like going against the strong wind, she finally makes it out of mayhem, she finds a girl running with her arms around her books pressing her chest.

-“hey, excuse me, where can I find the office?”

-“huh? Me? Are you talking to me?” the girl running stops

-“umm…well you are the only girl here” the girl says

The other girl looks around and notices she was the only one around.

-“I guess…I’m sorry, I am late for class, can’t help you” she says and runs away

-“hey, wait! Ugh! Are you serious right now?”

Then she looks around and see a boy to her right, doing something to the top part of a drinking water fountain. Walks up to him.

-“hi!” she says

-“hey” the boy says not looking at her still doing something to the water fountain

-“I’m Lili… I’m new in this school transferred from New Orleans…” Lili said

-“right…” said the boy not paying attention

-“can you tell me where the office is?” Lili asked

-“Pretty sure we will know in a few minutes…” the boy said then looked at Lili –“wow!” the boy said after looking at Lili

-“what?” Lili asked

-“you…you…you…” the boy said, not able to finish his sentence

-“me?” Lili said

-“I’m Jacob” the boy said extending his hand

-“I’m Lili” Lili said giving Jacob a handshake

-“I’m Jacob, and I said that already” Jacob said

-“do you know where I can find the office?” Lili asked

-“oh well, I am heading there now” Jacob said

-“really?” Lili asked confused

-“well, not at the moment but I will be” Jacob said

-“what?” Lili said confused

-“shouldn’t you two be in class?” another boy said coming up

-“yeah, sorry I was just drinking some water” Jacob said

-“you shouldn’t be in the hall after the bell rings, those are the rules, and unfortunately I am going to have to write you a report for being out after the bell” the kid said

-“actually, you may want to drink some water first, before writing the reason down” Jacob said

 -“what?” the kid said then pressing the water fountain

The water then hits the kids face with pressure.

-“*laughing* you see know you have something else to write down” Jacob said

The kid then gave Jacob a paper saying “Jacob Hunter found out of class after bell and prank with drinking water fountain AGAIN”

-“you see, now, I am heading to the office” Jacob said

Lili giggled and followed Jacob down the hall and get to the office

-“and this- this is the office, or how we like to call it, the red room” Jacob said

-“why the red room? Is it red?” Lili asked

-“no, maybe because it is the color of blood” Jacob said confused

-“umm…oh…” Lili said

-“well, see you later” Jacob said walking away

-“wait hold on, don’t you also…have to…- -never mind” Lili said

-“bye!” Jacob said walking away still

-“bye” Lili said

-“oh and welcome to Ridgewood High!” Jacob screamed 

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