Different ways

This is about having suicidal thoughts. If you have depression or these thoughts, please don't take this literal. I've had these thoughts and they may to much for some to handle so please read with precaution.


8. Not Suicidal

She was the angel.

The good child.

The happy, cheery, smiley


She cared to much for everyone.

She was always happy and outgoing.

She was never bullied.

She was their perfect daughter.

What they didn't know was it was fake.

She was bullied.

She wouldn't say because she didn't 

want her mum to worry.

She wasn't happy but she didn't want

her mum to know she was bad again.

She didn't want her mum to think

it was her fault.

That she could've changed it.

She didn't want mum to blame herself.

She was fighting a battle nobody knew about.

The voices in her head made her hate herself

Made her shut everyone out.

It was no ones fault.

But she had to leave.

Her depression was stronger than her 

and she didn't want anyone to get hurt.

She couldn't live in this world.

In this lie.

She couldn't make people worry.

The truth was, she always cared about others,

but not herself.

It's okay though because she's in a 

better place.

Please don't blame yourself.

It's something she had to do.

She's not suffering anymore and neither

are you. 

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