Finding Rose

This is a story i wrote because i was bored, i will probably never continue it and it probably wont get many reads idk . this book is a joke dont take this crap seriously.


2. Ending Rose?

“Jane? Jane wake up!”
“Jane! Its Monday! I need you down stairs and ready in 20 minutes”
“Okay Mom”

Was that a dream? No wonder it was so weird and made no sense, and why was my name rose? And why did I look so different? Was I in someone else’s perspective? Whatever it was just a stupid dream anyways.

 I put on a maroon skirt, with a gray shirt and maroon lining, then some white vans and a ponytail. Good enough.

“Jane get down here!”
“Im coming!”

Mel was already down stairs, she had a salad in front of her half empty and a coffee mug almost completely gone.

“Certainly took you long enough Jane”
“Thanks Mel for rubbing it in my face”
Mel turns away and grabs her fancy designer backpack, “Lets go the bus is going to be here soon”

We turn outside and walk to the bus stop, its only January and its 80 degrees outside, what gives?!

When we arrive at the bus stop there is a new girl here who resembled the girl from my dream exactly, the brown hair, green eyes, the red zit, but she was not 18 like in the dream, she was 15 like me.

“Hi, I’m Jane, Jane Harris, what’s your name?”

“Im Rose, Rose Cod, I just moved here from Nebraska, I already meet your friend Nina”
And Nina was standing right behind her, I knew Nina she was my friend, my best friend I hadn’t spoken to her in a while though I’m busy with other things.

“Hey Jane how are you” Nina Gibson says looking at Amber and Rose digested, Nina was the coolest and most popular person to ever exist, everyone either wants to date her, kill her, or be her (Did you get my reference) and to be honest, I wanted to do all 3, im not lesbian but if I dated her everyone would like me, and I want to kill her because of how jealous I am, and I want to be her because of her glamorous life. she has never taken a bus before (except party bus) she always rides in her dads fancy Ferrari to school. And the fact she didn’t like Rose already, was not surprising because of what she was wearing, baggy brown pants, and a bright pink sweatshirt with cheap, ugly sneakers, not appealing to Nina.

“So Jane, I’m going to sit with Jasper on the bus today, maybe you can sit with one of them?”

“Can is sit with you Jane?” Rose looks up at me with hopeful eyes

“Uh, sure I guess so”

To be honest, Rose is amazing, she’s funny, smart, giving, caring, and just straight up perfect, she let me have the window seat, let me use her hotspot, gave me a portable charger, and just never stopped complimenting me!

Once we got off the bus I immediately avoided rose, and went to Nina. I’m trying to get popular, Rose won’t be seen near me, ever. Nina got lots of dreamy eyed looks from all of the students, she is just a literal queen at this school.

1st period

I sat down next to Kayla, another popular girl, she didn’t really pay much attention to me though, just briefly talked to me then moved on.

“Class, today we have a new student named Rose, Now Rose you can sit where ever you want in the classroom, if you have meet one of students already feel free to take someone’s spot as long as they are willing to move”
 Please don’t take Kayla’s spot, please don’t take Kayla’s spot

“Um, Kayla do you mind moving, if you don’t want to its fine”
“No I will move” Kayla waves bye to me and sits next to Lin, the less popular (but still popular) Lin.

“Hi Jane!”

“Hey Rose”
This was going to be a embarrassing period


“Hey Jane! Come sit with us” Nina and her friends (Kayla, Lin, and Jessica) called out from the popular side of the lunchroom

I was so honored, no one ever invites me over there before

 “Yeah sure” I answer

Oh crap its Rose

“I saved you a seat next to me!”

Rose was sitting at the table of losers sadly, she was completely isolated by herself on very end of the table, she had a small lunch with a PB & J sandwich with jelly making a mess all over her pink and green placemat, as a side she had a giant water bottle with a church name plastered on the front.

“Hey Nina”
“yes Jane”
“Could Rose sit here to?”
“Lets go meet this girl Rose” Jessica motions everyone to stand up and walk over to where Rose was sitting

“Hi im Rose, I think Kayla and Nina know me”
“Oh right I know you, why don’t we go out in the hall and get to know you better, its to loud out here” the girls and I all walk Rose to the courtyard.

“What about lunch, you need nutrition In order to learn”
“Of course we will come right back in, I just want to know a few things that’s all”
We walk out into a courtyard area, no one ever goes in the courtyard, and no one can see into the courtyard from the outside, perfect  place to harass someone, oh great.

“Okay so Rose, let me tell you a little tip for school, don’t dress like a farm animal, don’t push Kayla away and don’t bother us, whether Jane wants to hang with you or not is not I our hands” Nina forcefully pushes Rose against the concrete wall “So Jane, is it us or Rose?”
Rose looks up at me with sorrowful, but with hopeful eyes, while the popular girls look at me like it’s the most obvious answer in the world, I knew what to do, I was ending Rose.

I know i said i wasent going ti continue this but its just one chapter, favoring and liking shows me that you want more so make sure to do that. Also go read TMOT (My other story) i think you will like it love you :)

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