Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


7. 7

"Aye stop being so negitive" Luke says I fiddle with my sleeves. "So..violeta do you wanna play hide and go seek?" They laughed

"But you guys have to sell your tickets for the show tomorrow" I laughed "no it's okay we are done" I sighed "but I really have to get home "

"Nope come on" Michael gripped my wrist supper hard "ouch" I whimper in pain "what did I hurt you?" Michael asked me "yeah I have a bruise be careful" my eyes watered "okay sorry " I got up "who's counting Calum asked "not it " I touch my nose

"Hey!" ASHTON pouts because he has to count. "Fine 1-2-3" me and Michael run. " go " he whispers

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