Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


6. 6

I looked down I whiped the tears away and sniffles a little and went back into the room with the boys. "So you're really pretty " calums says "I-I um thanks " I laugh I was shaking.

"Are you okay" he puts his hand on my shoulder. "I'll be okay " I smiled and hugged him and he hugged me back. "You're so skinny" he looked at me "no" I say and sit down. "You feel like a bag of bones" he laughed I shake my head "okay!" I laugh.

"Ash hug her and tell me she isn't skinny" he gets up and wraps his arms around me. "You are tiny" he cooed "no I'm not "I say down and pouted

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