Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


4. .4

I sat on my bed so happy Ana and Car couldn't get in the way of this feeling 'he still doesn't want you' Ana yelled "whatever" I said to her and laid on my bed thinking of tomorrow I was so excited.

I looked in my closet seeing some shorts and my 5sos shirt that said 'you're not Calum hood' I smiled I changed my mind about the shorts and grabbed my ripped skinny jeans laid them out for tomorrow and laid there izzy kept me awake most of the night 'you're excited for tomorrow ' she laughed I nodded and tossed and turned I looked at my phone.

4:05 am

I finally fell asleep and not letting anything get in the way of me meeting Calum later.

-hours pass-

I got up and did my routine when I finished I ran out the door grabbing the things I needed. And I walked to the arena witch was a 10 minute walk I got there the line wasn't long thank god and I Dmd Calum to let him know I was there.

V: im here

C: I think I see you *sends picture*

V: that's me..


V: :)

I looked up at him he waved huge and I smiled and he started to was my way. "Violeta !" He yelled running to me I started to freak he was in front of me he picked me up and hugged me "Nice to meet you " he put me down I couldn't for words "You okay" he smiled I shook me head and I fell to the ground crying

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