Face to Face [C.H]

I am anorexic trying to come face to face with Calum Hood


3. .3

"I weight 110 " I pouted "fat" Ana spat at me I looked down in sadness all I wanted was for Ana to be proud of me but she never was she always was mad at me or disappointed because I wasn't enough for her and I think she hates me but Cat is always there for me she's never gonna leave me Sue is there she makes me wanna die a lot.

"I'm sorry" I pleaded to them all they all just laughed "let her be" Cat snapped at them all "here" she gave me the blade again I smiled and went on to my bed piling down my pants and cutting a long line across my leg I could feel relive already "good" car whispers I kept cutting my thighs and I went deeper then usual I bled more I liked it.

I pulled my pants up and go into the bathroom bandaging my legs and goon back in my room going to sleep. "Wake up" my mom had slapped me

"I'm up" I said groaning I walked out of the room and went in to the kitchen "Make dinner" she yelled I nodded making a salad and some Burgers "don't eat" Ana yelled I ate the salad an leaving the burger on the table and cleaning the kitchen and going back in my room sitting on my phone I cried "I hate my life " I whispered looking at a picture of calum and I kissed it "if only you knew my pain" I sniffled and tweeted him Cal notice me? I tweeted i ha saved up just enough to go to a concert and I was planning on buying tickets because they were coming to LA I could just walk to the Arena I smiled I was happy I was going.

I got a notification I notice you all the time I smiled he tweets me back DM me can I talk to you I need someone? I tweeted always x then he Dmd me.


V:hey 😁

C:what's up butter cup

V: well I'm coming to ur concert


V:yeah!!!i goes to meet u

C:omgz I've been dying to meet u

V: y?

C:you're so pretty

V:did I read that right?


V:well I got to get the tickets first

C:we are selling them erm tomorrow


C: yes!


C: lava u too😍❤️

An:// sorry I am so horrible with writing I'm always a bit lazy to write I love you guys xx -randomnesshoof

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